FOR EVERY WORKOUT YOU NEED DUMBBELLS, BANDS, AND BODYWEIGHT. Sometimes we show variations with a bench but you don’t “need” one. For our newer workouts I’m letting our athletes in the studio use suspension trainers for some exercises. If you want to deck out your Home Gym, check this article out here—-> How To Build Your Home Gym.

MORE IN-DEPTH DYNAMIC WARM-UP & FOAM ROLL ROUTINE (12 min). I wish we did this every workout together but it’s hard squeezing everything in. Check it out at least once so you can incorporate in this soft tissue work before and after working out 👇🏼

Straight Set Saturday

Oct 8th Battles

September 29th Coach THEO’s Top 20

September 26th FMU 20/30 Mashup

September 24th 50 Min Burner

September 22nd Strength day (shoulders arms legs)

September 19th Deck of Cards

September 17th the FMU Blitz

September 15th Warrior Red 2.0

September 12th FMU Partner Battles Flow N’ Go

September 10th 6 min Drills & Straight Set Conditioning

September 8th Straight Sets and AMRAPs

September 3rd FMU Upper Upper Legs Trisets