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January 2021

FMU Holy Lit Series (12 Premier Workouts) 4 Week Program

Here. We. Go. New high rep protocols and schemes. Great combos every workout that make you feel Holy Lit! Access Past Workouts Hardcore Total Body Athletic 4-week Program HD Shred 2.0 Coach Theo's Top 12 Latest & Greatest from Summer... Continue Reading →

Coach Theo’s Simple 24 Resistance Training Program (Basic)

Download your Simple 24 program template Coach-Theos-SIMPLE-24-Resistance-Training-Program-TEMPLATEDownload Coach-Theos-Top-Picks-1Download Coach-Theos-Top-3-Pick-2Download Coach-Theos-Top-3-Pick-3Download Look for the Boxing Timer Pro APP if you need a simple one to use! How To Use The Template Video Warm Up Video Upper Body Exercises Pushups... Continue Reading →

AB Slayer Workouts (13 core routines)

The 21-day challenge: Pick 5 days per week to do an ab workout. Take two days off each week, for a total of 15 ab workouts in 21 days. You can do these routines after a workout or as a... Continue Reading →


BONUS #1: Coach Theo's Master The Basics E-BOOK Coach-Theos-Master-The-Basics-E-BOOKDownload Maximize your fat-loss, health, and longevity!Download Coach Theo's FREE MASTER THE BASICS E-BOOK! [Receive an instant downloadable 59-page PDF] We tend to make things too complicated when it comes to getting fit... Continue Reading →

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