Somehow in each workout this month, we are going to do something that DISRUPTS your system! Let’s mix in some new concepts, whether it’s an isometric challenge, or a gut wrenching cardio bout, or a maxout M.O.D. (move of the day). Let’s gooooo!

Foam roll and extensive warmup video

Training Reminder: We take a REST DAY in between every workout. We only workout 3x per week with these 60 minute routines. For example: MWF or TTHSat.

Day 1: Disrupt Partner Battles (week 1)

We don’t usually start a series with this, but it’s been awhile since we’ve done it here at the gym. If this is your first workout, I recommend jumping to the next workout first. Then come back to this. There’s a lot of freestyle and counting reps in battles. Maybe you like that?

Day 2: Disrupt Simple Strength + Cardio Bouts (week 1)

Simple strength circuits with big move exercises like piston bench press, lawnmowers, and split squats to start us off. Then 4:30 min non-stop bodyweight cardio bouts segmented in between each strength circuit. 3 total blocks to get through!

Day 3: Disrupt Thirty Thirties + Amrap and Afap (week 1)

Well hello! You’ll feel every muscle in your body pumped after this one! We’re taking some great moves from this week and hitting them 5 rounds each at :30 seconds each set. The signature combo is the Squat to Clean and Shotgun Pushups. At the end we hit a 30-20-10 afap (as fast as possible). Let’s gooo!

Day 1: Disrupt Little Muscle Groups + :30 Burners (week 2)

Let’s stick with mostly light weights today and hit some smaller muscle groups (delts, arms, tris, and lots of core). We’ll hit some heavy lawnmowers and lots of bodyweight conditioning for lower body and :30 second supersets.

Day 2: Disrupt Smoked Chest, Single Legs, Arms, and Core (week 2)

So simple but the muscle burn is real in this one! We start with shredding the abs, then ease into big muscle groups, a single leg balance circuit, and finish with a 15 minute SMOKED finisher!

Day 3: Disrupt Light Weight High Reps Fast Paced (week 2)

Let’s use lighter weights for today’s workout. We’re hitting deltoids, triceps, and biceps! Lots of conditioning for legs and cardio and a ripped core circuit at the end. Fast paced :30 second drills.

Day 1: Disrupt 8 exercises :90 second straight sets (week 3)

One of my fav ways to keep the body moving non-stop at a constant pace and in the optimal fat burning zone. Simple moves like bench press, squats, pull ups, burpees, inch worms, and lunges with curls. What a great Disruption though!

Day 2: Disrupt Single Leg action and big upper body movements (week 3)

Well, say hello to your legs after this one! Lots of single leg action including single leg balance hops, single leg squats, and single leg pushup blasts. Big upper body movements smoke the chest arms and back too! And it’s great that our man Bill is back on camera with AC and me!

Day 3: Disrupt 1 Min Strength & :30 Second Cardio Bouts (week 3)

This is one of those signature workouts that will go down in the history books! One heavy dumbbell for single arm bench press and single arm lawnmowers. Lighter weights for some triceps and arms. Grab a looped band if you have it. You’ll love the double-back drop set and the final circuit of iso-dynamic disruptions!

Day 1: Disrupt Best of Last Week (week 4)

Simple superset routine. The 4th round for each 1 minute superset. A fast :15 second turbo circuit. Plus another 50-40-30 FINISHER. Grab one heavier weight for single arm bench press and lawnmowers. Grab a second set for arms.

Day 2: NEW Slayed Series Tri Sets with little burners (week 4)

We’re heading into our new SLAYED Series. You’re going to like the new concepts. If you have some lighter weights in the 3lb-10lb range that would work best for some of these isometrics and pulse exercises. 4 circuits today with 3 moves in each circuit. A great total body slayer!

Day 3: Special Push-up/Pull-Up Workout (week 4)

Ready to take on this 30 min upper body push-up & pull-up special? This is a great upper body blast when you’re short on time and/or just want to mix things up! We’re hitting push-ups for :35 seconds. Rest for :24 seconds. Then pull-ups for :35 seconds. And we’re hitting 15 sets EACH!

Make sure to warm-up first. We already warmed up and go right into the workout on this one! *For pull-ups you can use suspension trainers, bands for assisted pull-ups, or for advanced go straight to the bar!

Goals to aim for:

Level 1: 100 push-ups; 50 pull-ups

Level 2: 140 push-ups; 75 pull-ups

Level 3: 175 push-ups; 100 pullp-ups

Level 4+: 200+ push-ups; 140+ pull-ups