David SLAYED Goliath. We’re going to slay some calories and fat in these workouts! If you can, grab some lighter weights than usual (3’s, 5’s, 8’s or 10’s). We’re going to mix in some strict pulses and iso’s to hit specific muscle groups in a different way. Time to slice up and dice up for spring-time training. You’ll see a lot of abs and some Tri-sets and Quad-sets utilized in this series as well to change things up a bit.

Foam roll and extensive warmup video

Training Reminder: We take a REST DAY in between every workout. We only workout 3x per week with these 60 minute routines. For example: MWF or TTHSat.

Day 1: Slayed Quad Sets (week 1)

New set up with 4 exercises per circuit in this workout! You’ll probably feel heavy legs after circuit 1, and heavy arms and back after circuit 2. Grab some really light weights again if you have them in addition to your challenging weights. Let’s. Get. Slayed!

Day 2: Slayed Arms & Cardio Day (week 1)

We’re going to lighten the load a little bit today to focus on some strict ARM exercises. We’ll make our leg exercises great conditioning. Grab some mini-light weights again for things like squat jabs, iso dynamic curls, and iso dynamic tricep kickbacks!

Day 3: Slayed Drop Sets Big Moves (week 1)

Big moves today like bench press and rows. Simple moves but watch how drop sets completely change the game. You can get away with medium weights, light weights, or heavy weights today. With drop sets, you’re getting plenty of time to get a lot of reps in, or if you want to go heavier, you can take your time and slow down the pace but still get SLAYED. *We kept it short and sweet, you can do the AB Routine below as a cool-down finisher.

Day 3 AB Cool-Down Finisher if you want to…

Day 1: 15 min Bodyweight + 30 min chest back + 10 min abs (week 2)

We broke up this workout into three separate workouts (and videos). You can do the 15 min bodyweight workout, then go right into the 30 minute Dumbbell Chest and Back workout. Then finish off with the 10 min AB Slayer!

Day 2: Slayed Dirty Thirties (week 2)

Something about today that was so good! :30/:30 x 5 rounds each. 6 total circuits. Grab mini weights and your challenging weights for this one. You’re going to love the Crucifixion combo!

Day 3: Slayed Smooth Strength Day (week 2)

Let’s do some brain body connection today with some total body coordination moves! Grab challenging weights and some really light weights. There are some really good moves we haven’t seen for awhile in today’s mix!

Day 1: Slayed 30 minute non-stop Dumbbell Workout (week 3)

Sometimes, scratch that. Many times, less is more and simple is better. Let’s take 5 dumbbell exercises and crush them non-stop for five total rounds. If you want more, do the core workout as a bonus finisher.

Bonus AB Slayer routine for finisher (12 min):

Day 2: Slayed 36 Min Total Body Athletic Burner (week 3)

So simple yet so good! We’re loving this Slayed non-stop burner concept this month. Today we did a great 6 exercise-5 round non-stop circuit. Grab some challenging weights (nothing too heavy, just curls), and some mini weights for crucifixions.

Day 3: Slayed 4×4 40 min Burner (week 3)

We’re loving the non-stop burners. Another “4” exercise circuit with drop set variations. :40 seconds each exercise. 4 rounds. 40 minutes. Let’s grab some tiny weights and challenging weights for this one!

Day 1: Slayed Arms Legs Core 35 Min Burner (week 4)

We’re going to hit lots of curls, triceps, and some bodyweight legs in this 3 superset, 4th round effect, non-stop action! Once complete if you want more, do the ab slayer below!

Bonus AB Slayer:

Day 2: Slayed Drop Sets 45 Min Burner (week 4)

Grab challenging and some lighter weights if you have them, and a band. Drop setting it up again with :40 second sets. Back, Legs, Chest, and Arms. More strength today than cardio. Great short, hard, and sweet sesh! AB Workout below if you want more!

Bonus ABS:

Day 3: Slayed 6×3 45 min burner (week 4)

You won’t need heavy weights for this one. Three straight sets in a row on the same exercise, 6 exercises, 3x through. Chest fly’s, step ups or lunges with curls, back fly’s, iso squat curls, etc. Let’s. Just. GO!