Athlete Stretch Routine [15 Min]

Sometimes you just need to stretch. We needed it today too. We took 15 minutes to focus on some extensive active recovery with these dynamic warm-up stretches. Do this before or after a workout or as a stand-alone workout on off days. I like to couple this with a jog and sauna sesh (once a week or even once a month, mix it in if you can. Bonus points if you foam roll too).

Bodyweight Hotel Workout [15 min]

Whether you’re traveling or just don’t have a lot of space or time, you can hit this bodyweight-only workout from anywhere! Simple moves like inch worms, squats, burpees, and climbers. Watch how we keep it moving non-stop. If you feel really good and have more time, hit two rounds of this same workout.

Dumbbell Chest/Back Day [30 min]

Short on time? Have a set of dumbbells (preferably one challenging pair and one lighter pair)? I love hitting push/pull workouts. Simple supersets. Only 6 exercises. The 4th rounds effect. Let’s GO!

Hardcore Bodyweight 40 Min Burner