In every workout this month there will be something that DISRUPTS your system!


Access Previous Workouts (the Hardcore Series). *use password ‘Sept23’ to unlock.

Foam roll and extensive warmup video

Training Note: Take a rest day in between every workout. We only workout 3 days per week. For example, MWF or TTHSat. We do 12 workouts per month.

Day 1: Disrupt Partner Battles (week 1)

Longer bouts of 6:30 minutes plus a 7 minute amrap finisher. Watch out for them triceps! Wowza.

Day 2: Disrupt Simple Strength + Cardio Bouts

Simple strength exercises for 1 minute, 3 rds each. Then we’ll mix in non-stop bodyweight cardio bouts for 4:30 minutes in between. 3 total segments to get through!

Day 3: Disrupt Thirty Thirties + Amrap + Afap (week 1)

Well hello! You’ll feel every muscle in your body pumped after this one! We’re taking some great moves from this week and hitting them 5 rounds each at :30 seconds each set. The signature combo is the Squat to Clean and Shotgun Pushups. At the end we hit a 30-20-10 afap (as fast as possible). Let’s gooo!