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Step 8 Improve Your Digestion With These 5 Steps

We’re wrapping up our Master The Basics Series right here with Digestion. You can now download all 8 Steps in our FREE E-BOOK below 👇🏼 In today’s article let’s talk about chewing slowly, breathing before bites, enhancing enzyme production, repairing... Continue Reading →

What Coach Theo Eats Daily

I could never tell you what or how you should eat. EveryBODY is different.  I get asked a lot about what I do and sometimes it helps to see what others are doing. Disclaimer: I am NOT telling you to do this. ... Continue Reading →

Hardcore Total Body Workouts (members access)

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Step 7 Part 2 Identify Food Sensitivities

What’s healthy for one person may be an inflammatory grenade for another person. Read Part 1 Identify Deficiencies Here Find all 8 Master The Basics Steps Here In part 2 below, we are going to discuss identifying food allergies, sensitivities,... Continue Reading →

Christian Christmas Workout Playlist

It’s November 1st! Paper chain to count down the days done. First Christmas movie done. Now it’s time for music, even in the gym! Check out a great workout playlist below... 👇🏼 The Christmas season is my favorite time of... Continue Reading →

How To Be The Change Part Two by Coach Amber

If you didn’t read How To Be The Change Part 1, make sure you READ IT HERE. In part one Coach Amber talks about Having the same mindset as Christ and Being in good company! Today she is going to... Continue Reading →

Amplify Your Recovery to Maximize Performance & Longevity by David Jack

In this article CMH contributing author and leading expert David Jack shares his amazing insight on God’s design for us to recover better, smarter, and harder. Find all 8 Master The Basics Steps Here Most of us need to be... Continue Reading →

Step 7 Part 1 Identify Deficiencies & Imbalances (master the basics)

Find all 8 Master The Basics Steps Here This is basic, next level health stuff that no one is talking about. #1. This should be the first thing I tell you... However, I have found that it can overwhelm people.... Continue Reading →

Oxygen heals, God designed you to breathe fresh air

You can’t rationalize with fear nor reason with panic. But God commands us to speak the truth anyways. 90% of our energy comes from oxygen Breathing uses chemical and mechanical processes to bring oxygen to every cell of the body... Continue Reading →

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