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November 2017

Love Her Like The First Day, Dare 18

I still remember our first real date together. We were at Olive Garden eating those ridiculously good breadsticks. I wanted to know everything about Amber.  Like an investigative reporter, I interrogated her with questions about her entire life. I was... Continue Reading →

Saving Your Marriage, Dare 2

In Dare 1 we talked about how Marriage IS Training. And once you start to view the purpose of marriage differently, you'll start to overcome challenges with better intentions and love towards one another. Read Dare 1 Here Today we're... Continue Reading →

Saving Your Marriage, Dare 1

Are you going through a difficult time in your marriage right now? Are you feeling like there's no way out? Are you talking about divorce, separation, moving out, giving up, 'hating' each other? Amber and I have to speak out.... Continue Reading →

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