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Step 8 Improve Your Digestion With These 5 Steps

We’re wrapping up our Master The Basics Series right here with Digestion. You can now download all 8 Steps in our FREE E-BOOK below 👇🏼 In today’s article let’s talk about chewing slowly, breathing before bites, enhancing enzyme production, repairing... Continue Reading →

What Coach Theo Eats Daily

I could never tell you what or how you should eat. EveryBODY is different.  I get asked a lot about what I do and sometimes it helps to see what others are doing. Disclaimer: I am NOT telling you to do this. ... Continue Reading →

Step 7 Part 2 Identify Food Sensitivities

What’s healthy for one person may be an inflammatory grenade for another person. Read Part 1 Identify Deficiencies Here Find all 8 Master The Basics Steps Here In part 2 below, we are going to discuss identifying food allergies, sensitivities,... Continue Reading →

Step 7 Part 1 Identify Deficiencies & Imbalances (master the basics)

Find all 8 Master The Basics Steps Here This is basic, next level health stuff that no one is talking about. #1. This should be the first thing I tell you... However, I have found that it can overwhelm people.... Continue Reading →

God Designed You To Eat Whole Food, Here’s How You Do It (master the basics)

When you realize God created everything from this earth that your body needs, that’s when the game changes and so does your life and health. Eating real food sounds so simple. Why do we make it so hard? In fact,... Continue Reading →

Don’t wait another six months to get healthy, reverse issues, and bullet proof your body [start now]

We see people do it all the time. Unfortunately, during this chaotic time, the focus didn’t go there and instead, a lot of people went the opposite way. More weight. More depressed. Less active. Bad eating habits. Poorer health. We... Continue Reading →

God Designed You to Drink Water and Mostly Only Water [Master the Basics]

One of the number one things people have to do to get lean, stay healthy, and live longer is drink water and mostly only water; yet it is also one of the number one things people struggle to make a... Continue Reading →

I Eat Lots Of Potatoes & Lift Heavy Weights and Still Lose Weight (Here’s How)

4 months ago I was 15lbs heavier. Since I went back to our nutrition plan and designed our new workout regimen, I leaned out and easily stay here. I eat lots of potatoes and lift heavy weights and I still... Continue Reading →

Where Glyphosate Hides in your Food (repost by Coach Amber)

My wife Amber runs an awesome Healthy Living page on Facebook. Find and follow her at Healthy Living with Coach Amber. Here’s a repost about glyphosate, a seriously deadly chemical found in a lot foods!

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