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The Top 2 Reasons Why I Never Get Sick

Never say never, I know. But it’s been over two years since I’ve been sick. Three years since I’ve been laid out from being sick. So even if I get sick next week, it’s still been a great streak! (*ok... Continue Reading →

How I Heal & Deal with Gut Issues Daily

🚨Can I tell you something in the next :90 seconds that could possibly change your life? 🚨 You probably never heard this from a doctor before. I never heard dietitians or nutritionists talk about it either. 🤯 Let me tell... Continue Reading →

Men’s Clean & Lean Pre-Workout Concoction

It’s really hard to find a clean pre-workout. We’re trying to avoid all fillers, dyes, chemicals, sweeteners, artificial flavors, etc. Over the years I’ve had to put together my own. I only want to put in what’s natural and God-created.... Continue Reading →

First Step To Changing Nutrition: Just Admit It

Note: I wrote this on my iphone and did not edit. Please ignore any typos and grammar mistakes. Often, what we see as a common hindrance halting people from changing poor nutrition habits is that they struggle to just admit... Continue Reading →

Step 8 Improve Your Digestion With These 5 Steps

We’re wrapping up our Master The Basics Series right here with Digestion. You can now download all 8 Steps in our FREE E-BOOK below 👇🏼 In today’s article let’s talk about chewing slowly, breathing before bites, enhancing enzyme production, repairing... Continue Reading →

What Coach Theo Eats Daily

I could never tell you what or how you should eat. EveryBODY is different.  I get asked a lot about what I do and sometimes it helps to see what others are doing. Disclaimer: I am NOT telling you to do this. ... Continue Reading →

Step 7 Part 2 Identify Food Sensitivities

What’s healthy for one person may be an inflammatory grenade for another person. Read Part 1 Identify Deficiencies Here Find all 8 Master The Basics Steps Here In part 2 below, we are going to discuss identifying food allergies, sensitivities,... Continue Reading →

Step 7 Part 1 Identify Deficiencies & Imbalances (master the basics)

Find all 8 Master The Basics Steps Here This is basic, next level health stuff that no one is talking about. #1. This should be the first thing I tell you... However, I have found that it can overwhelm people.... Continue Reading →

God Designed You To Eat Whole Food, Here’s How You Do It (master the basics)

When you realize God created everything from this earth that your body needs, that’s when the game changes and so does your life and health. Eating real food sounds so simple. Why do we make it so hard? In fact,... Continue Reading →

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