🚨Can I tell you something in the next :90 seconds that could possibly change your life? 🚨

You probably never heard this from a doctor before. I never heard dietitians or nutritionists talk about it either. 🤯

Let me tell you something that can be blocking, halting, and preventing you from getting the results you want.

☑️ The little things are negatively impacting you in a major way.
☑️ Everything in moderation doesn’t necessarily work for most people.
☑️ It’s not about calories-in and calories-out anymore.

When I turned 40 this past May I finally committed to doing 100% of what my wife Coach Amber told me to do. I removed the last little bit of inflammatory foods from my plate and within just weeks, my waist leaned out so much that my 6-pack came back, strength and energy during workouts went through the roof, and instead of feeling bloated & tired after eating a meal, I felt like I was in the fat burning zone all day.

For me, years of processed foods and weight cutting for wrestling contributed to leaky gut and Candida issues. 🤼‍♂️

❌ No matter what I want to do…
❌ Despite what I thought I knew about nutrition…
❌ Even though my friends can get away with certain things…

I can’t. I have to heal and deal with taking care of my gut daily.

What happens when you don’t heal your gut?

➡️ Food won’t be absorbed right.
➡️ Nutrients won’t be converted to fuel or utilized by your muscles right.
➡️ Adequate digestion and assimilation won’t happen right.

❓ Do you ever feel bloated and distended after meals even though you didn’t even eat a lot?

❓Do you ever feel tired after eating instead of energized?

❓ Do you ever feel like you’re eating as healthy as possible yet still not getting anywhere?

Trust me. I get it. It’s more than just surface-level nutrition talk.

That’s where we take you during our intensive 30-Day Nutrition Coaching Programs.

Thankfully my wife found functional medicine about five years ago. Though she had to suffer for over a year to heal her own gut, our knowledge, understanding, and results in the health world have completely changed forever. And now she passes all of her insight on to others.

Over the years she has helped hundreds of people “wake up” to a new understanding of nutrition, their lives have completely changed, and they’re never going back.

It’s not a challenge. It’s a lifestyle change.

We’re gearing up for our most popular Clean & Lean challenge in the New Year. Are you ready?

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✔️ Take a deep dive into our lifestyle.
✔️ See the ins and outs of what this looks like for real people, doing real life, and getting real results.
✔️ And finally drop the excuses, complaints, and old habits to get IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE.

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-Coach Theo