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July 2020

Where Glyphosate Hides in your Food (repost by Coach Amber)

My wife Amber runs an awesome Healthy Living page on Facebook. Find and follow her at Healthy Living with Coach Amber. Here’s a repost about glyphosate, a seriously deadly chemical found in a lot foods!

Brain Cognition & Energy Supplements

When you have a high performance life, run a company, train hard like an athlete, oh and have three kids, quality supplements are what give you the extra edge. I don't drink coffee so I like to get a little... Continue Reading →

Why Your Faith Needs Fitness Part 2 [Podcast]

My wife and co-owner Coach Amber joined me and she has a powerful story to share. We had some fun while sharing incredible insight on a major connection between your gut health and your faith. Listen in here —> Part... Continue Reading →

Why Your Faith Needs Fitness Part 1 [Podcast]

In this podcast I’ll share with you how fitness influences your faith, the back story of why our gym FMU Fitness was created, and our three core principles for training for God. If you want to get to the next... Continue Reading →

Our Eating Lifestyle [podcast]

Listen to this podcast we put together for you. It explains our Top 10 habits for how we eat. This is our lifestyle; not a diet. We can’t preach enough how important it is to Master the Basics. Listen here—>... Continue Reading →

Sleep & Recover Better with these supplements

I preach 7.5 -8 hrs of sleep for optimal health and living. Despite what you may believe about not needing a lot of sleep, you can’t deny the abundance of research on this topic. If you don’t sleep enough and... Continue Reading →

Build up your immunity

The three main immune defense supplements I currently take are Vitamin C, vitamin D3, and vitamin A. My brands are below. Obviously eating right, exercising, sleeping well, and eliminating stress are some critical steps to fighting off and even preventing... Continue Reading →

The 5LB Difference

5lbs makes a big difference when it comes to our new dumbbell shred workouts. I’ve been talking to many people about challenging themselves to test out an extra 5lbs if they can. When you add “just enough” more weight you... Continue Reading →

8 FREE WORKOUTS [Igniter Program]

Full Dynamic Warmup and Foam Roll Routine (13 min) 👇🏼 From HD SHRED 3.0👇🏼 From HD SHRED 2.0👇🏼 August 1st Sweat Factory Workout July 30th 1 Minute Max Out Drills July 28th Partner Battle Combos... Continue Reading →

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