5lbs makes a big difference when it comes to our new dumbbell shred workouts.

I’ve been talking to many people about challenging themselves to test out an extra 5lbs if they can.

When you add “just enough” more weight you end up expending more energy, stimulating lean muscle growth and extra fat burn, and feel more challenged by the end of each workout. Plus, endorphins kick up even more from the mental game.

When we first started this new protocol back in May I started with 20lbs and I was like, “eh.” Then I went to 25’s and I was like, “ok.” Now, I never go less than 30’s and I’m like, “wham bam thank you ma’am. That’s the sweet spot!” I feel challenged every workout.

If an exercise like shoulder press is too challenging, I cut the reps down or I stop short or I exchange to finish out with the resistance band. I’d rather feel like I can barely make it vs getting done and feeling like I didn’t do much.

Now, as always you need to focus on great form and never push past pain or through it. The goal isn’t to chase fatigue, you always have to manage it.

Just try adding an extra 5lbs if you feel like you’re not challenging yourself enough. Watch what happens. It makes a big difference.