The three main immune defense supplements I currently take are Vitamin C, vitamin D3, and vitamin A. My brands are below.

Obviously eating right, exercising, sleeping well, and eliminating stress are some critical steps to fighting off and even preventing sickness and disease.

Add to this mix a great supplementation regimen and you’re only going to help bulletproof your body even more inside and out.

Now, more than ever, is an important time to make sure your body is getting the micronutrients and minerals it needs.

When it comes to supplementation I have to be careful advising you what to take. Therefore, all I can safely say is this is what I take. I’ve done lots of research and personally test and practice these regimens. I also work with a functional medicine doctor for my own individualized plan. I’ve tested my micronutrient levels and will regularly monitor. I encourage everyone to do that.

VITAMIN C: 2,000 mg + daily

This is the brand I use GMOFreeVitamins. Every day I take 2,000mg. Some days if I’m feeling slightly lethargic or the onset of any symptoms I take 3,000. A highly recommended type is Liposomal for better absorption. So when I’m done with this container I will switch over to that.

VITAMIN D3: 5,000 IU daily (even with sun)

This is the brand I use NatureWise.

VITAMIN A: 1 teaspoon Cod Liver Oil every 2-3 days

And old school grandma remedy. You can take too much. So I only take it every 2-3 days. Here’s the brand I use: Carlyle Norwegian

There are other things we do like Sovereign Silver, Elderberry, NADH, and homeopathic regimens. But for now, these are the three very crucial supplements I take for a powerful immune building system.


Coach Theo