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Not The Love You Speak Of Though

🚨Not the love you speak of though.🚨 We all have to humble ourselves. We can’t possibly get LOVE nailed down…at least not the way God wants us to, and definitely not without Him. As soon as you say you believe... Continue Reading →

How To Be The Change Part Two by Coach Amber

If you didn’t read How To Be The Change Part 1, make sure you READ IT HERE. In part one Coach Amber talks about Having the same mindset as Christ and Being in good company! Today she is going to... Continue Reading →

So you want to own a gym? [Podcast Part 1: the real stuff] Does being a trainer and owning a gym sound awesome to you? Well, hold up. Let me tell you some of the nitty gritty first. I want you to know what you’re getting yourself into before you take that... Continue Reading →

When is it time to use your voice?

My God-loving and God-fearing Christian brothers and sisters... I see people and organizations being censored and silenced, I see people being hated on, I see people getting rid of their social media accounts because of the heart ache and frustrations... Continue Reading →

3 Business & Life Lessons we learned about people from this shutdown

If you own a business, you can definitely relate. Being forced to shutdown was a major eye opener in so many ways. Let me just say this, we learned a lot more about people and human behavior! For me, it... Continue Reading →

Why Your Faith Needs Fitness Part 2 [Podcast]

My wife and co-owner Coach Amber joined me and she has a powerful story to share. We had some fun while sharing incredible insight on a major connection between your gut health and your faith. Listen in here —> Part... Continue Reading →

Why Your Faith Needs Fitness Part 1 [Podcast]

In this podcast I’ll share with you how fitness influences your faith, the back story of why our gym FMU Fitness was created, and our three core principles for training for God. If you want to get to the next... Continue Reading →

How To Be The Change Part One by Coach Amber

The world needs to change. It doesn’t change unless YOU play your part. The world is divided, hateful, unjust, ugly and uncertain. It’s time to look at your heart and be the change! The current events have caused people to... Continue Reading →

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