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August 2020

When is it time to use your voice?

My God-loving and God-fearing Christian brothers and sisters... I see people and organizations being censored and silenced, I see people being hated on, I see people getting rid of their social media accounts because of the heart ache and frustrations... Continue Reading →

UPBEAT & Inspirational Christian Workout Playlist

Ready to move fast? Pump out an extra set? Sprint the last 1/4 mile? Great upbeat tunes definitely help. Check out guys like TobyMac (the master and mainstream artist), Royal Tailor, Aaron Cole, LED, and Tauren Wells. They are incredible... Continue Reading →

I Eat Lots Of Potatoes & Lift Heavy Weights and Still Lose Weight (Here’s How)

4 months ago I was 15lbs heavier. Since I went back to our nutrition plan and designed our new workout regimen, I leaned out and easily stay here. I eat lots of potatoes and lift heavy weights and I still... Continue Reading →

How To Build Your Own Home Gym

Even though dumbbells, bands, and bodyweight will do the trick, here are 4 other pieces of equipment you can get to max out your home gym (total gym cost less than $450)! We’ve been teaching and coaching people how to... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Hard Christian Workout Playlist

Need some sweet songs to clang and bang to? I love hard music when I workout. Thankfully, I have found a whole new world of Christian workout songs with strong beats, motivating riffs, and meaningful lyrics. Check out guys like... Continue Reading →

Master The Basics To Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

Download E-book for the entire series in one place I’ve been working out since 6th grade, over 26 years now! No matter what level you’re at, beginner or extreme performer, it always comes down to the basics. Let’s rap below...👇🏼... Continue Reading →

Secrets to longevity from the Blue Zones

I like to read a lot. My friends say since they don’t have time to read, I should share my cliff notes with them from what I read. Sometimes when I come across something very worthwhile, I do. This past... Continue Reading →

Shred 2.0 Workouts (14 workouts)

FOR EVERY WORKOUT YOU NEED DUMBBELLS, BANDS, AND BODYWEIGHT. Sometimes we show variations with a bench but you don’t “need” one. For our newer workouts I’m letting our athletes in the studio use suspension trainers for some exercises. If you... Continue Reading →

Why I’m obsessed with infrared saunas (burn fat, boost immunity and more) I can say with 100% certainty that Infrared Sauna Therapy has taken my health to an entire new level! I get in our sauna at least 5 days a week, at 130-140 degrees, for 30 minutes each time. Here... Continue Reading →

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