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I’ve been working out since 6th grade, over 26 years now! No matter what level you’re at, beginner or extreme performer, it always comes down to the basics. Let’s rap below…👇🏼

Can you just Master the Basics for God’s sake!?!?

I used to yell that at myself for years. Often I yell it in my head at members and fitness enthusiasts on social media!

We tend to make things too complicated when it comes to getting fit and healthy. But it’s not anyone’s fault. The media, big agricultural companies, the mega toxic food industry, and the billion dollar marketing industry that goes with them, have brainwashed people to eat the wrong things.

On top of that, the fitness industry constantly puts out bogus material that’s just not realistic for the average human being. Influencers are always coming up with a new fad or trend that people want to jump on. To cap it off, most doctors and even a majority of dietitians have no clue about true, clean, gut cleansing, body optimizing nutrition.

We have to remember that everyBODY is different. And before we try anything fancy, technical, or state of the art, let’s just master the basics for God’s Sake! You can read that two ways by the way. It’s either a slangy comment or a worthy phrase to glorify the one and Only! It’s a play-on of words on purpose. Obviously my intention is that no matter what we do, let’s do it all for the glory of God! (1 Cor 10:31)

So, even though I love to work out hard and consider myself to be at the next level when it comes to health and fitness, I still have to master the basics in order to keep progressing consistently and relentlessly.

This is what I constantly want to help others do too!

We just finished posting our Master The Basics Series

Drink water

Eat real Whole food

Exercise: Basic strength and resistance training & Moderate movement cardio

Sleep well

Change your mindset on WHY TRAIN

Recover smarter and harder

Identify gaps and deficiencies and food sensitivities

Digestion and Detox (coming soon)

Here’s a great podcast we did to help get your gears turning around Mastering The Basics as well.

The cool thing is, even if you just came in for the first time as a beginner to work with me at the gym, these are the things I would evaluate with you. And even if you were a master level athlete who’s been doing this for years, same thing.

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God bless,

Coach Theo