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September 2020

God designed you to move part 2 (get your heart pumping)

MAKE SURE TO READ PART 1 ABOUT RESISTANCE TRAINING HERE So what about cardio now? Typically, when people pursue fitness the majority instantly think cardio should be the first go-to. Cardio is great. I’m a huge fan. But you can... Continue Reading →

God designed you to move part 1 (especially resistance training)

When you stop and think about your body you realize God created a masterpiece. If even one atom or molecule was off, you wouldn’t even be here right now. Everything had to line up perfectly. Coming into this world as... Continue Reading →

Add this Gorilla crawl exercise to your workout

Athletic strength and conditioning... That’s how we like to train. You can hit total body and continue those biological types of movement you were designed to do. Try this gorilla crawl flow. You can do it with a dumbbell or... Continue Reading →

Optimize Your Training with this dynamic warm-up

I get it. The last thing we want to do is warmup. Some days I’m guilty too. But honestly, it might be the most important piece of your workout. Don’t neglect it! Do this dynamic warm-up and soft tissue release... Continue Reading →

Test Your Pushups with this Stop N’ Go Challenge

Push-ups have a lot to do with core. This is a great test that will take about 3:30 minutes. You’ll actually get more than you think. Find a way! Men, are you ready? 👇🏼 💪🏻HOW FAR CAN YOU GET?💪🏻 ✅... Continue Reading →

Easy Fix to Maximize Your Burpee

I’m a huge fan of eliminating risk when working out. There’s always a way to keep things challenging and intense, while also making them more effective and safe. The result? You can still get in the best shape of your... Continue Reading →

So you want to own a gym? [Podcast Part 1: the real stuff] Does being a trainer and owning a gym sound awesome to you? Well, hold up. Let me tell you some of the nitty gritty first. I want you to know what you’re getting yourself into before you take that... Continue Reading →

God Designed You To Eat Whole Food, Here’s How You Do It (master the basics)

When you realize God created everything from this earth that your body needs, that’s when the game changes and so does your life and health. Eating real food sounds so simple. Why do we make it so hard? In fact,... Continue Reading →

Don’t wait another six months to get healthy, reverse issues, and bullet proof your body [start now]

We see people do it all the time. Unfortunately, during this chaotic time, the focus didn’t go there and instead, a lot of people went the opposite way. More weight. More depressed. Less active. Bad eating habits. Poorer health. We... Continue Reading →

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