Does being a trainer and owning a gym sound awesome to you?

Well, hold up. Let me tell you some of the nitty gritty first. I want you to know what you’re getting yourself into before you take that leap.

Listen to part 1 below. I’ll briefly share a sample of “a day in the life” of my coaching/business schedule. Then I’ll hit on three things that are really important to consider:

1. The typical trainer’s Split-schedule that can kill your energy, adrenals, and passion.

2. The training hour isn’t just an hour and how to factor in all the things that go into that hour, in order to understand your true hourly value.

3. You want to change the world, but the world doesn’t alway want to change. You can still find joy in this!

You might not be sure if God is calling you to do this yet. Having as much information as possible will help! Listen below 👇🏼

SO YOU WANT TO OWN A GYM PART 1 PODCAST (20 min): click here ➡️