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How does exercise affect hormones?

🚨 Is your body fighting against you?!👇🏼🚨 Even when you’re doing everything right?! Are you sick of gaining weight for no reason?! 🤮 There’s a lot to say here but this has been the theme of our conversations lately with... Continue Reading →

Protected: Theo’s Get RIPT for Christian Men 40 & Over

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Are killer workouts the answer?

🚨This post is dangerous for me share 👇🏼🚨 Why? I own a training facility. I coach hundreds of people through workouts every week. We love our intense, athletic workouts. It’s how I make a living. It’s also what I love... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Youth Sports

🚨PARENTS, THIS WILL GIVE YOU PEACE…👇🏼🚨 I’m fortunate because I’ve worked with hundreds of kids over the last decade of training, so I get to see a lot things that many parents don’t see. We’ve seen the unorthodox eight year... Continue Reading →

Why 3 Days A Week is Enuf

Prior to the shutdown, we used to have classes Mon-Friday. It was sort of hard to get people to understand why they can’t come every day (there are franchises all around town who allow this). So, as we head into... Continue Reading →



FMU Running Club Workouts

Day 1: Tuesday June 28th (at FMU) Short Sprint intervals. Cone to cone. 30 minutes on the clock. 2-3 miles depending on level. ex. walk/jog; or job/run; or jog/sprint. Day 2: Thursday June 30th or Friday July 1 (on your... Continue Reading →

Two Proven Ways To Accelerate Your Results

Over the years I’ve learned a few things about myself and the members I work with. Sometimes we get in ruts. We hit plateaus. We have goals but we struggle with the discipline to stay focused on habits that hit... Continue Reading →

FMU 36 Min DB Remix Series (Premier)

Alright, we get it! At home, it's not the same. Either you don't want to or don't have a lot of time to squeeze in your workout. We're going to speed it up a bit this round, go non-stop for... Continue Reading →

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