Prior to the shutdown, we used to have classes Mon-Friday. It was sort of hard to get people to understand why they can’t come every day (there are franchises all around town who allow this). So, as we head into the new year with this new addition, let me explain a few reasons behind our philosophy.

Our proven method is systematically designed to hit everything we need in our 3-day per week training program. 

We hit total body workouts each time. 

If you haven’t noticed, we specialize in certain body parts each time. Today for example, the focus was back, triceps, and legs. So when I’m designing the routine in my head, I’m selecting exercises accordingly. That’s why we call it “training with purpose & intention.” We rarely do a random, just-because workout. 

We maximize every minute of our 60 minutes.

As an athlete, I personally do not want to train in the gym like this more than 3 days per week. Who has time for that? (*Ok, sometimes I do a 1/4 workout on a 4th day for extra focus).

Since we are a non-stop, high repetition, muscle ripping regimen with lots of volume… 

It’s not healthy nor necessarily effective to do our workouts more than 3 days a week. 

Recovery is necessary to rebuild what you just broke down.

MWF members are technically a different group than TTHS members. Therefore, the workouts are the same.

  • Monday’s workout is the same as Tuesday’s.
  • Wednesday’s workout is the same as Thursday’s. 
  • Friday’s is the same as Saturday’s. 

Make-ups: So ideally, if someone misses Monday, they know they are ok to come Tuesday for a make-up. Or if someone knows they are going to miss Tuesday, then it works to come Monday. It’s not ideal to come Mon & Tue, or Wed & Thurs. I think you get it! 

Are there exceptions for a 4th day every now and then? Absolutely. 

I hope this makes sense. If it doesn’t, let me know.

We don’t just workout here. We train. It’s a difference-maker. 

I don’t just give you what you want. I give you what you need.

I call it…#scientific.

-Coach Theo