First and foremost, this body will be more deliberate, intentional, and specific about praying with one another for how God wants to use this church—to open the floodgates, to help us be doers of the Word, and to be more confident about what He’s doing here!

This body will be helping people get clean, from bad diets and addictions.

We’ll be serving women and children within our walls and outside of them.

Our Contenders Youth Group is a phenomenal ministry, supported by this Sunday gathering, and will continue to become something SPECIAL!

We’ll serve the surrounding community and people will notice this small but mighty group gets things done.

We’ll form small groups outside of Sunday mornings to grow in our relationships together.

We’ll each disciple at least one other person. Pray for God to bring one person into your life, either a new believer or a non-believer. How many people have you honestly brought to Christ? This year, can we each bring at least one?!

We don’t want you to end 2023 the same as last year. We’ll have some training days to help y’all strategize and take action for your growth in Christ. What. We are trainers. We know how to do this for fitness. Let’s apply it to FAITH!


We changed the scenery by adding a backdrop and some lights. It’s not about production. But God does want us to take care of his dwelling place. Just read Haggai, “Consider carefully your ways. 8 Go up into the hills, bring down lumber, and build the house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be glorified, says the LORD.” 1:8

We’re taking communion seriously each Sunday. Oh what a blessing that we can do THIS in remembrance of Him and experience His presence through the bread and the cup.

We’ll outsource LIVE WORSHIP at least two times per month!

We’ll up our game with our children. God has revealed to us a good system for keeping the littles in big church most of the time. We sincerely value our children and want to build a strong foundation in their upbringing with the Lord. If this means some minor renovations to accommodate them, let’s consider it.

Hey, I don’t know what it all means yet. But by faith we obey. You and the Lord will help figure it out!

-God Bless, (23.18)

Coach Theo