🚨This post is dangerous for me share 👇🏼🚨

Why? I own a training facility. I coach hundreds of people through workouts every week. We love our intense, athletic workouts. It’s how I make a living.

It’s also what I love to do personally. As I’m running sprint intervals this morning (pretending to beat my fast teenager and his friend and almost pulling a hamstring), I think about how much my mind has shifted over the years…

✅ I used to think killer workouts were the only answer to getting to that next level.
✅ I used to think if it wasn’t a killer workout then it wasn’t effective.
✅ I used to think that killer workouts were the only way to build that next inch in my bicep or burn that last inch off my waist.

While I still love my killer workouts and even still use the label, my intention and understanding is so different now.💯

🚨 Here are a few random things I’ve discovered about ultimate redefinition & transformation:

☑️ The gym is fun and necessary and should be a staple in your life, but it’s not the MAIN for total health and wellness.

☑️ I tell people to be challenged and don’t just go thru the motions when they are in the gym, but you can’t do killer workouts every day (our fully effective model is 3 per week).

☑️ Most adults are living in a high stress state daily. Stressful workouts add more stress to the body. If you’re not recovering and lowering your stress levels in all areas of your life, your killer workouts may be counterproductive.

☑️ Rules are different for a conditioned, experienced athlete vs a de-conditioned beginner level, average Joe or Jayne.

☑️ The gym is like a playground. I love pushing, pulling, and carrying heavy things. I love feeling the muscle burn and mental grind through reps and sets. And while I know this does help redefine the body, I KNOW there are so many other things to focus on outside of the gym as well.

So what should you focus on? 🤔

⏩️ Instead of bouncing around in between sets in an effort to burn an extra calorie, maybe channel your focus to eating less in between meals.

⏩️ Instead of adding more 60-minute workouts on a piece of cardio equipment to your week, focus more on getting to bed on time for 60-minutes extra of quality sleep. *Average sleep for adults is 6-hrs and we need 7.5!

⏩️ Instead of doing 500 more half-range reps, maybe do 50 full-range reps, and slow down those reps, and focus more on time under tension while completing those reps.

⏩️ Instead of sprinting more on your off-days, you may need to slow down more on your off days and just move your body, not kill it. *Don’t underestimate the power of walking.

⏩️ Instead of identifying the next killer instagram exercise, you may need to identify your nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and digestive issues, that are slowly killing your results.

Don’t get me wrong! I love killer workouts. But there’s so much more that needs to be done.

And you don’t want to end up on a hamster wheel feeling like you’re getting nowhere, blaming it on this workout, or that exercise, or those routines.

I will hit my physique goals within the next 3 weeks. And my training program doesn’t change at all. It will come from the 6 S’s

1️⃣ Stuffing my face less
2️⃣ Simplifying my schedule
3️⃣ Sleeping better at night
4️⃣ Sitting in the sun
5️⃣ Sweating in our FMU infrared sauna
6️⃣ Strategizing my supplementation

Ok, so it’s not really dangerous for me to make this post.

Because our FMU members have access to us for all of this perspective-changing information & knowledge.

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-Coach Theo