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AB Slayer Workouts (13 core routines)

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BONUS #1: Coach Theo's Master The Basics E-BOOK Maximize your fat-loss, health, and longevity!Download Coach Theo's FREE MASTER THE BASICS E-BOOK! [Receive an instant downloadable 59-page PDF] We tend to make things too complicated when it comes to getting fit and... Continue Reading →

Protected: Youth Explosive Speed Program [session 1]

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Hardcore Total Body Workouts (12 Premier Workouts) 4 Week Program

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Christian Christmas Workout Playlist

It’s November 1st! Paper chain to count down the days done. First Christmas movie done. Now it’s time for music, even in the gym! Check out a great workout playlist below... 👇🏼 The Christmas season is my favorite time of... Continue Reading →

Amplify Your Recovery to Maximize Performance & Longevity by David Jack

In this article CMH contributing author and leading expert David Jack shares his amazing insight on God’s design for us to recover better, smarter, and harder. Find all 8 Master The Basics Steps Here Most of us need to be... Continue Reading →

Coach Theo’s Top 12 Latest Greatest Workouts [Full Follow Along Videos]

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God designed you to move part 2 (get your heart pumping)

MAKE SURE TO READ PART 1 ABOUT RESISTANCE TRAINING HERE So what about cardio now? Typically, when people pursue fitness the majority instantly think cardio should be the first go-to. Cardio is great. I’m a huge fan. But you can... Continue Reading →

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