Day 1: Tuesday June 28th (at FMU)

Short Sprint intervals. Cone to cone. 30 minutes on the clock. 2-3 miles depending on level.

ex. walk/jog; or job/run; or jog/sprint.

Day 2: Thursday June 30th or Friday July 1 (on your own)

Medium threshold intervals: 3×3 for 4-5 reps depending on level. *This means run hard for 3 minutes, then jog for 3 minutes. Complete this 4-5 rounds for a total of 24-30 minutes depending on your level. If you’re at level one, this may just be walking and jogging!

Intermediate to advanced runners, set a goal to run :30 seconds slower than your 5k race pace. If you don’t know what your race pace is, then when you run for 3 minutes, make it challenging but comfortable. It should not be so fast that you need to stop. It should be what we call, “challenging enough,” but you could still keep going at that pace.

ex. if my 5k race pace is 7 minutes, then I’ll run for 3 minutes at 7:30 pace; then jog for 3 minutes. Don’t want to overthink it, just run challenging for 3 minutes then back off for 3 minutes.

Day 3: Saturday July 2nd or Sunday July 3rd (on your own)

Slow and steady run for 25-30 minutes depending on your level. Conversation paced. Way slower than you think. Enjoy this one! Beginners just get your body moving and jog when you can! Advanced runners, slow down even if you feel like molasses. Your heart rate should not go up above 150.

(WEEK 2) Day 1: July 5th

Pyramid Intervals…

:30 Second sprints, :30 complete rest. 4 rds.

:30 second run, :30 second jog. 4 rds.

1 mile of running fast for :30 then moving slow for :30.

:30 second run, :30 second jog. 4 rds.

(Week 2) Day 2 Thur July 7th or Fri July 8th (on your own)

4 min fast; 3 min jog or walk, for 3-4 rounds!

(Week 2) Day 3 Sat July 9th or Sun July 10th (on your own)

Slow and steady for 25-30 min.