We see people do it all the time. Unfortunately, during this chaotic time, the focus didn’t go there and instead, a lot of people went the opposite way.

More weight. More depressed. Less active. Bad eating habits. Poorer health.

We have it backwards.

With 75% of people in our culture being unhealthy and now with anybody who’s natural, holistic, and alternative being censored, canceled, and deleted because their knowledge and education of healing varies from the conventional model; my guess is we won’t see much change in our lifetime.

However, we can still try with our own tribe of family members, friends, and immediate network. We can at least get the conversation going with them. Who knows, maybe our grandkids’ generation will benefit? Seems like a long shot. But, “Even if it’s a few.”

As us healthy people watch the irrationality, we bite our tongue because we see such a huge disconnect.

People are claiming they love the weak and the vulnerable and insist that’s why they’re covering their faces and distancing themselves—-to protect them. Yet they are failing to protect themselves and the most vulnerable on this earth, their own kids, from what’s killing them slowly every day—their own diet. They have no problem loading up with highly processed and toxic, chemical-laden food that wreaks havoc on their system. The death isn’t as fast and noticeable so it’s out of sight and out of mind. Their health is put at risk every day, there’s a tremendous spike in chronic health issues, slow deaths are on the rise, all because there’s no connection to what actually fixes this insanity.

Most people aren’t aware that 11 million people die every year from a bad diet.

Nor do they realize that our diet is the number one cause of death, disability, and suffering in the world. Chronic disease is now the single biggest threat to global economic development. Lifestyle-caused diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer now kill nearly 50 million people a year. (Hyman)


One in two Americans now has a chronic disease and one in four has multiple chronic diseases. Chronic disease is responsible for 7 out of 10 deaths in the US. (Kesser)

The costs?

Spending on Chronic disease worldwide will reach $47 trillion in just ten years by 2030 (Kesser). In the next 35 years the estimated burden that will be put on our economy by chronic disease is $95 trillion (Hyman).

No education. No training our next generation in the way they should go. No one wants to talk about it.

So we get it.

That’s why we don’t judge others for not knowing.

We know no one teaches you this stuff. Look at what’s going on. People who talk about what actually works, healing from the inside out, get dismissed. Everyone wants either instant solutions or someone else to fix the problem.

Every day I hear someone say their end game is when a vaccine gets developed or “when the government gets this under control.”

All the while the ultimate solution has been in your hands the entire time: YOU.

You control your ability to get healthy, to reverse issues, and to prevent future health concerns. You are the one who can give yourself the best fighting chance to either prevent or at least quickly fight off infectious diseases.

But it’s all about perspective.

You have to step back rationally and objectively, think clearly and critically, and choose to see it that way.

You have to want it…

Then you have to seek it…

Then you have to start somewhere.

At FMU we know you can regain your health and take control of the intricate body that God created you in.

We know you can heal yourself from the inside out.

We know you don’t have to accept the issues that you thought just came with aging.

We know you can live not just longer, but better.

If you need help getting started we have plenty of solutions.

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Where did your mind go over the last six months? Did you get sidetracked and overwhelmed on the things you can’t control? Or did you hone in on the things you can?

The good news is it’s never too late and you’re never too far gone.

Don’t let another six months slip away.

Your personal health affects public health.

So if you need motivation remember it’s not about you.

Your kids need you. This world needs you. And so does God.

Pick one thing, contact us, and get started today.

And it may just be an absolute game changer for you and everyone in your life.

Coach Theo