I get it. The last thing we want to do is warmup. Some days I’m guilty too. But honestly, it might be the most important piece of your workout. Don’t neglect it! Do this dynamic warm-up and soft tissue release routine to amplify your warm-ups and maximize your workouts! 👇🏼

*In this 13 min routine we show you lacrosse ball and foam roll techniques to massage your muscles and work through tight fascia. (4 min)

**Then we show you some simple dynamic warm up exercises that you can do to prep your body from head to toe for a workout. (8 min)

Read more below about WHY warm-ups can be super effective.

We have a saying in fitness: “you don’t realize what warmups are doing until you don’t warm up!”

As the cold mornings are creeping up, I’m already thinking about one of the major downfalls to winter weather.

Every winter the complaints from tightness, aches, and pain increase!

Ideally, if we did it right every time, a quality and next level warmup would include at minimum:

➡️ 3 min min of foam rolling and soft tissue work.
Read this quick article about why self-myofascial release is so critical and game-changing for us: https://www.stack.com/a/why-all-athletes-should-do-soft-tissue-work

➡️ 5 minutes of dynamic/active stretching from head to toe. You’re not just going thru motions:
✅ You’re waking up your nervous system
✅ Activating sleeping muscles
✅ Increasing your core temperature
✅ Getting your blood flowing to loosen muscles and tendons
✅ Improving flexibility by increasing range of motion

➡️ 5 minutes of core work or 5 minutes of jogging/calisthenics/line drills, etc.

At least 13 minutes to get the body adequately prepared for a successful workout.

When you warm up right it improves overall power and strength and maximize performance and reduces the risk of injury.

You’ll be stronger. Faster. Go longer. And feel better.

But we get it.

Warmups are boring. People don’t want them to cut into workouts. Just remember, they are part of the workout. The workouts begins when we start warming up.

This post isn’t to make you feel guilty if you’re missing warm-ups!

1️⃣ It’s to encourage anyone who has a hard time with warmups to understand WHY we do them. It’s much more motivating.

2️⃣ It’s also to push you a little more to get those foam rollers out before and/or after workouts.

Over the last ten years of doing this, my experience has been that people who deal with the most aches, pains, and tightness, also tend to be the ones who neglect the little things like warmups!

Warm ups matta.

You do NOT and should NOT accept pain. And yes I’ll say the same thing when I’m 45 and 65 and 75!

And if you want to take it up a notch, you start adding next level therapy methods like Infrared Saunas. Plus, detox your body by eating right.

I’ll get you more soon. This is actually a really big topic and I barely covered the surface!

God bless y’all,
Coach Theo