Even though dumbbells, bands, and bodyweight will do the trick, here are 4 other pieces of equipment you can get to max out your home gym (total gym cost less than $450)!

We’ve been teaching and coaching people how to get to the next level with amazing workouts they can do in the comfort of their own home, with minimal equipment!

For our HD SHRED program we are specializing in just dumbbells, bands, and bodyweight. Technically, that’s all you need and you’re good! But, in our new recordings we show people progressions with other equipment like a bench, box, or chair, and also suspension trainers.

Below I outlined what you can get (and where to get it) to outfit a simple home gym that will get you in the best shape of your life.


We record high rep schemed workouts, and purposely pick exercises and timed protocols that go with those schemes, to show you how just one set of medium weight dumbbells will get the job done. Obviously, if you can get multiple weights, it will allow you more options to progress or modify.

You can pick up dumbbells for usually a $1 per lb. Challenging weights for women are usually 12’s and 15’s. For men, 20’s and 25’s. Don’t forget to take on the 5LB difference though!


We love using the looped-style resistance band. We use ResistanceBandTraining.com to purchase our supply. Women generally use the mini small red band and guys generally use the medium black band. For the inexpensive price, I would suggest buying both just because!

You can find these bands from multiple different brands on Amazon too. Colors will vary, so just look for that same size width to make sure you get same resistance level.


We like the escape fitness deck . This is a great height for most people, plus it can be adjust to lower the height. For guys I like to use the standard bench from Rogue Fitness. You can also use a soft plyo box instead. Women generally prefer a 12 inch height. Men 18-20 inches max. If you use a chair please make sure it’s sturdy!


I’ve used a variety of brands including the most expensive TRX brand. To be honest, for a much lower price you can get the same job done for only $65 with this Fit Active brand. Need somewhere to attach it? Use this simple pull up bar for your doorway. No hardware needed to attach to walls. It hangs on the door jams.


We rarely show people exercises with the slam ball during recordings, but its definitely a fun toy we enjoy using during gym workouts. This TRX tread style is my preference. Women generally prefer 15lbs; men 25lbs.


If you wanted to, you can snag a 30ft battle rope for around $65 and mix it in for variety. It’s great as an option for cardio instead of jumping exercises, swing ups (risky for lower back), and burpees (even though I love them). Just look for 1.5 inch on Amazon or other fitness sites.

Fitness doesn’t have to be complex. Keep it simple. Get back to the basics. We are amplifying our training with just dumbbells, bands, and bodyweight. Add in the bonuses and you will take it up even more!

If you need incredible workouts to do in your new home gym, you can download our HD SHRED 8 WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM here. You’ll get 29 FULL FOLLOW ALONG workouts in a downloadable PDF that you can do anytime anywhere!

Let me know when you do!

God bless,

Coach Theo