It’s really hard to find a clean pre-workout. We’re trying to avoid all fillers, dyes, chemicals, sweeteners, artificial flavors, etc. Over the years I’ve had to put together my own.

I only want to put in what’s natural and God-created. Yes, remember, I’m a huge proponent of getting all vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from adequate nutrition. First that, then supplements. But the question is, who’s eating exactly what we’re supposed to, to get everything this God-created body needs?!

Men, it’s very common for us to be deficient in Vitamin B’s. B’s have a lot to do with energy production and nutrient absorption. Plus, a lot of us have unhealthy guts. Glutamine is a great supplement that heals the lining of our intestinal walls, plus enhances muscle repair and recovery. And we all like that pump before a workout. Shrooms and green tea extract are healthier sources to supply that jolt! *Note: I don’t personally take shroomtech right now. I’m testing something else in the underground laboratory. Will share soon.

DISCLAIMER: As always, I’m not telling anyone what to do. It’s just what I do. And subject to change based on my goals and new discoveries.

STEP 1: If u don’t take any vitamins I would start with B’s.

*Spend a week adding one supplement at a time before you stack the next one. Example: week 1: B’s, week 2: glutamine, week 3: shroomtech.

There’s plenty of research out there. I encourage you to research first. You can find these Pure Encapsulation supplements at FMU. We sell Pure Encapsulations at the gym. So check in with us to get yours at a discounted rate (20% off retail)!

I’m not telling you anything else. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Only try it if you want to optimize your workouts and your life!

**I take my pre-workout concoction 30-45 minutes before training. I train on an empty stomach. You may be different. Test and evaluate. EveryBODY is unique.