Lesson 1: Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Spiritual Gifts

Lesson 1 Sermon Recap PODCAST


Lesson 2: How do you know if it’s the Holy Spirit

Lesson 2 Sermon Recap PODCAST


Lesson 3: Spiritual Gift Descriptions Below

Lesson 3: Exercise your spiritual gifts PODCAST


Lesson 4: Why does Jesus gift the 5-fold ministry and what are we supposed to do about it

Ephesians 4 what I was supposed to say about gifts lesson 4 | THE FMU FAITH FITNESS FARM (simplecast.com)

Lesson 5: There’s a way to practice gifts (modern day prophecy and tongues)

There’s a way to practice gifts lesson 5 | THE FMU FAITH FITNESS FARM (simplecast.com)

Lesson 6: Can Jesus use you to heal today? 10 questions answered [podcast]


See all the scripture here: The Healing Ministry of Jesus