I could never tell you what or how you should eat. EveryBODY is different. 

I get asked a lot about what I do and sometimes it helps to see what others are doing. Disclaimer: I am NOT telling you to do this. 

Over the years of much trial, error, practice, adjusting, and research, this is what seems to work best for me right now. And it’s always a process and evolving because what works now, may not work next year. 

Look, I can easily carry 190lbs if I’m not regimented. When I follow these simple daily disciplines I stay at my best weight of 175 lbs and I feel stronger and more energized than ever. Check it out 👇🏼


-5am: Wake up and drink a big glass of water.

-Take supplements.

-8am: Drink bcaa’s and protein for breakfast. (Vegan powder or collagen peptides)

*I don’t eat solid foods for bfast anymore except for Sunday fun mornings with the family every once in awhile. 

FIRST SOLID MEAL 12:00-2:00pm: 
I wait 16 hours between dinner and bfast 5 days a week. I extend it to an 18 hour “mock” fast two days a week. Having liquids with Bcaa’s and protein works best for my system and energy. I feel a better fat burn than strictly doing only water, which I’ve tried before. 


It’s usually a hash with a base of some type of potatoes (2-3 handfuls; sweet, white, red, yellow), vegetables, and handful of protein. I add olive oil. Then a handful or two of cashews or pistachios. Usually also an apple or banana. 


Apple and larabar.


6:30pm My wife makes awesome Whole30 meals. No matter what I’m usually adding a side of potatoes. They are my carb source and I love them. 

We usually have dishes like Whole30 chili, Tacos, Soups, Vegetable sides, stuffed peppers, spaghetti squash, etc. Imagine it’s usually two sides of veggies and a small source of protein for every dinner. 


Another larabar. Hey, it used to be 2-3 bowls of cereal! Took me awhile to break that bad habit. I also love dates to satisfy my sweet tooth.


8:30pm I usually always have another apple before bed. I typically eat 3 apples a day! 

✅ Dietary Notes: 
I pretty much never eat dairy. I stay away from grains, rice, and oats. I limit my meat consumption and do not worry about protein like I used to. I don’t do well with fats except for olive oil and some nuts. I don’t count calories. But that’s just ME. 

✅ I smash a treat meal once a week of whatever food I want! See what my favorite is here

YOU CAN READ MORE about why I only drink water, how I eat whole foods 95% of the time, and what supplements I take HERE ➡️ HOW I MASTER THE BASICS 

I complied my Master the Basics 8 in one spot. 👆🏼 I’ll send you my new e-book with them in book format once it’s published! 

Never forget.

It’s not about you. 

But it starts with you. 

Get ready to amplify your training, optimize your nutrition, maximize your health and longevity, and most importantly, revolutionize your faith! 

God Bless,

Coach Theo