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Why Your Faith Needs Fitness Part 2 [Podcast]

My wife and co-owner Coach Amber joined me and she has a powerful story to share. We had some fun while sharing incredible insight on a major connection between your gut health and your faith. Listen in here —> Part... Continue Reading →

Why Your Faith Needs Fitness Part 1 [Podcast]

In this podcast I’ll share with you how fitness influences your faith, the back story of why our gym FMU Fitness was created, and our three core principles for training for God. If you want to get to the next... Continue Reading →

How To Be The Change Part One by Coach Amber

The world needs to change. It doesn’t change unless YOU play your part. The world is divided, hateful, unjust, ugly and uncertain. It’s time to look at your heart and be the change! The current events have caused people to... Continue Reading →

How To Get From Inspired To Action In Life

Lately, we’ve been talking about progress and how to strive for it (read my progress blog). We’ve been talking about how to eliminate road blocks that prevent you from getting from the mediocrity and complacency phase to the driven and... Continue Reading →

High Achievers Know and Do This

LISTEN TO AUDIO CAST HERE: If I asked you if you’re doing exactly what you want with your life, how would you answer? If you’re like 80% of the adult population, you’ll answer NO to this question. I’m always... Continue Reading →

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Three Things You Must Eliminate To Progress In Life

You Have To Eliminate To Progress In Life. If you read my blog last week, it was all about PROGRESS. I was encouraged to write it because I kept seeing that word everywhere. And then after writing it, I saw... Continue Reading →

Progress, Are You Making Any?

The word of the day is Progress. Are you making any? Do you feel like most days you're not? Isn't it funny how sometimes we feel like so many things are blocking us and we're not in control? Well, the... Continue Reading →

God Will Handle All The Details

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1 Have you ever read Hebrews 11? The passage is all about faith in action and doing things when you have no... Continue Reading →

Be An Example Devotional 8 [watch video]

Hopefully you have read all of our Be Great 8 Devotionals! If you haven't yet, I produced an E-BOOK with all of them! Click below to download your copy for FREE! For the last of our Be Great 8 Devotionals,... Continue Reading →

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