Here. We. Go. New high rep protocols and schemes. Great combos every workout that make you feel Holy Lit!

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Foam roll and extensive warmup video

Training Note: Take a rest day in between every workout. We only workout 3 days per week. For example, MWF or TTHSat. We do 12 workouts per month.


Day 1: Holy Lit NYE Burn

A mix of 1 min drills and :30 second supersets. You’re definitely going to feel your arms and legs on this one!

Day 2: Holy Lit Shoulders Glutes & Arms

You’ll feel them from the inclined climbers, the 5-10 leg combos, and the last four moves that never let your arms put the DB’s down!

Day 3: Holy Lit :30 Second Supersets

Great fast-paced :30 second sets for 5 rds each. 7 total supersets. Some pushups, crawls, squat jacks, and a great 4:8 finisher. Every superset incorporates a strength move plus conditioning move.

Day 4: Holy Lit Week 1 Mashup

We’re taking the best exercises from week 1’s workouts and mixing them together in this mashup. All hybrid moves like push-up jacks, 5-10 combo, crazy climber and crushed grip squat giant set, and more! A li bit higher on the cardio side today.

Day 5: Holy Lit 1 Min Total Body Circuits

Wow, get ready for some total body exercises and circuits! Lots of crawling, lower body & upper body combos, and core mixed into each 1 min superset and tri-set. Arms, abs, legs, shoulders, and heart rate will feel it!

Day 6: Holy Lit 1 min and 30 sec Superset Mix

Wowza. Some new moves in this one! We’re going from 1 min supersets to :30 second supersets. You’ll see the single arm shotput press, straight arm tricep flys, and reverse lunge swing ups in this one! Oh, and the roll up to burpees!

Day 7: Holy Lit Non-Stop Top 8 Week 2

We’re finishing out this week with the top 8 exercises from the last two weeks and we’re going non-stop for 55 min straight! :30/:9, 3 straight sets, lots of constant movement and high repetition. The most challenging move? The iso squats with jabs or drives. Holy Lit!

Day 8: Holy Lit Dirty 30’s

We’re using the timer, but we’re also shooting for numbers on two of these circuits. Put both together and the intensity goes up! Simple moves but the power curls/break dance combo, and the final 4 circuit with rows, triceps, lunges, and burpees will leave you feeling finished!

Day 9: Holy Lit New 30-30’s

Fast-paced :30/:30 superset again. 7 supersets, 5 rds each. You’ll love the new Vampire/Iso curl lunge combo. Power jacks always jack up our heart rate. We mix in some great tricep and back fly work. The final combo will burn your legs like crazy!

Day 10: Holy Lit Top 8 From Last 3 weeks plus 13 min finisher

Ummmmm, I don’t know why but I felt super challenged in this workout! Oh I know why, the combos were killa! We’re hitting 4 simple circuits 3 rds each, then a 13 min compilation finisher. Wait til you see the great jump back to crawl out combo. My arms fell off after this one.

Day 11: Holy Lit Straight Set Strength

Well….it’s been awhile since we hit a straight set workout like this. 8 exercises. 8 straight sets on each before moving to the next one (:30/:10 x 8). Talk about feeling RIPPED! From bench press to the band explosive x-press to the crazy iso-dynamic split squat curls…..we’ll be feeling this for a few days.

Day 12: Holy Lit Conditioning

We’re taking the same format from last workout and making it more conditioning today. :30/:10 x 8 again. With these new 8 exercises though, you’ll feel it in areas we haven’t worked recently and your heart may be pounding a little bit more!

Day 13 Bonus: Best of the Month

What a great month! Let’s take my favorite 24 exercises and rock them out non-stop!