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High Achievers Know and Do This

LISTEN TO AUDIO CAST HERE: If I asked you if you’re doing exactly what you want with your life, how would you answer? If you’re like 80% of the adult population, you’ll answer NO to this question. I’m always... Continue Reading →

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Be An Example Devotional 8 [watch video]

Hopefully you have read all of our Be Great 8 Devotionals! If you haven't yet, I produced an E-BOOK with all of them! Click below to download your copy for FREE! For the last of our Be Great 8 Devotionals,... Continue Reading →

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Cadence-Week-3-CommunityDownload CADENCE-WEEK-4 God Given AssignmentsDownload

Why 3 Days A Week is Enuf

Prior to the shutdown, we used to have classes Mon-Friday. It was sort of hard to get people to understand why they can’t come every day (there are franchises all around town who allow this). So, as we head into... Continue Reading →

Vision for FMU Ministries 2023

First and foremost, this body will be more deliberate, intentional, and specific about praying with one another for how God wants to use this church—to open the floodgates, to help us be doers of the Word, and to be more... Continue Reading →

The Top 2 Reasons Why I Never Get Sick

Never say never, I know. But it’s been over two years since I’ve been sick. Three years since I’ve been laid out from being sick. So even if I get sick next week, it’s still been a great streak! (*ok... Continue Reading →

How I Heal & Deal with Gut Issues Daily

🚨Can I tell you something in the next :90 seconds that could possibly change your life? 🚨 You probably never heard this from a doctor before. I never heard dietitians or nutritionists talk about it either. 🤯 Let me tell... Continue Reading →

How do you know if you are saved?

FOR CONTENDERS YOUTH GROUP (snapshot) Someone comes to you and wants to be saved. As a Christian, how would you guide them through this process? Is it simple? Is it complicated? Is it as easy as repeating a phrase? Reading... Continue Reading →

FMU Ministry [statement of beliefs]

Jesus focused through Word & Spirit. We pursue God, Jesus, & the Holy Spirit. Vision To build a disciplined, giving, and like-minded community of Jesus followers who get fit for the kingdom, contend for our faith, serve others, and live... Continue Reading →

Is it time for an all-out church fast?

What’s going on lately? Do you need healing? Do you need clarity on a decision? Do you feel tension in the home front? At theworkplace? Are you in spiritual warfare? Biblical, Christ-centered fasting is a chosen weapon against spiritual forces... Continue Reading →

Can Jesus use you to heal today? 10 Questions Answered [podcast]

LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE: SUMMARY After studying the healing ministry of Jesus and our role for today, one of my biggest takeaways is that we can’t will something. We can only do our part. If healing happens, it is... Continue Reading →

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