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Tips For The Perfect Morning Routine

🚨Do you feel like you lose your days? 🚨 Or like you never have enough time to get done what you said you were going to get done? 🤯 Well first, let me assure you about the truth of the... Continue Reading →

Ex-abortionist Finds Forgiveness

🚨Someone needs to hear this today…👇🏼🚨 Forgiveness awaits and is literally one moment away.👊🏼 We know many people who aborted in their past. Many defended from their guilt. Deep down inside none honestly felt good about the decision. They’ve now... Continue Reading →

Force Your Kids To Church

🚨We’ve talked with our teens…👇🏼🚨 We’ve talked with our like-minded friends with teens. We’ve talked with elders who have adult kids now. Whether your kids want to go to church or not…. Force them. 👊🏼 ✔️ You’re not going to... Continue Reading →

11 Things You Better Know Before You Start a Business

🚨If you know, you know!👇🏼🚨 💥11 things no one will tell you, but I will!💥 I get approached by on average 5-7 people every year who want to start their own business. I tell them all the things that will... Continue Reading →

13 Things I don’t Do Anymore as a Christian Part Two

Click Here For Part 1 #6. Assume that all Christians are Christians.I used to think that everyone who sat in churches knew exactly what it meant to be a Christian. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who... Continue Reading →

13 Things I Don’t Do Anymore as a Christian

From the title you were probably hoping I was going to talk about the bad sins of my past. While that would be spicey, today is about my Christian journey, from rookie years until now, 20 years later.Part of being... Continue Reading →

When a mega church pastor falls

🚨My quick (unedited) takes for Christians and atheists👇🏼🚨 ✅ None of us are good not one. All humans fall short (Roman’s 3:23). Just because you have a platform doesn’t mean you have a special power that others don’t. ✅ It’s... Continue Reading →

Wanna crack the code to happiness? (Matthew 5)

🚨Wanna crack the code? #LifeHack 👇🏼🚨 Honestly reflect: how do you feel when you’re alone with your thoughts at night? What emotions arise about the day ahead when you first wake up in the morning? More people in the U.S.... Continue Reading →

7 Signals that Jesus is Returning

In today's message we learned about seven signs coming from the nation of Israel. Does this signal that Jesus is preparing to return soon? One of them was that in 1948, He brought the nation of Israel back together, in... Continue Reading →

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