This is a picture of this month’s reading material. Yes, Amazon prime gets a lot of money from me. But I also re-read a lot, so the damage isn’t so bad. And I actually view it as an investment, not just an expense. An investment with a very high return might I add.

After sharing that little snippet last week about how reading has changed my life, one of you asked me what I read and why? I’m not sure how I came up with this but I have four pillar areas of reading:

1. Fitness (training, athlete development, nutrition)
2. Leadership (business, entrepreneurship)
3. Mindset
4. Faith (parenting, self-help, bible study, etc.)

You can see in this picture the four main books I’m reading this week and next.

1. the Sports Gene.
An awesome documentary (which by the way Amber Theodore will tell you is all I watch) called Chasing Perfection led me to this book. The doc was about elite athletes and how they get to elite status. One of the main premises was that DNA is pretty much the biggest contributor. You either have it or you don’t from the day you are brought into this world. While you could always get better, we all have some sort of genetic cap in certain areas. Elite athletes are great at fine tuning what they’re born to do and figure out how to tap into their full potential. Now with the science and technology behind them, they’re getting even better at a rapid pace.This book, the Sports Gene, is about the great performance debate of Nature vs Nurture. Let’s see where it goes.

2. the Mirror Effect.
Wow, the first half of this book is extremely enlightening. Written by Dr. Drew, he shares an unreal perspective about narcissism (traits like entitlement, vanity, aggression, envy, and self-loathing) and our culture’s obsession with fame and basically how celebrity idolatry and exploitation is destroying this nation. I’m looking forward to seeing the solutions he proposes.

3. Philippians
This is a twelve week study of the book of Philippians in the bible. Awhile back I decided to pick two areas of the bible that I wanted to learn more about, a person, and a book. I chose the apostle Paul and his book, Philippians. I figured I will never know enough about the bible as a whole, so I would love to at least become well versed about these two areas…and this will help me feel like I actually know something. This also means I need to read Philippians again.

4. EntreLeadership
Dave Ramsey is a very well known money guy and shares his business and financial knowledge from his Christian perspective. I actually don’t know what this book is about yet other than how to serve my team and people at FMU better.

Not sure who I’m sharing this for today, but maybe it’s YOU that needed to hear it.

We know that changing starts with your mind. And we know that reading changes your mind. Make reading a staple in your mental diet today. And it may just be an absolute game-changer for you and everyone in your life.

It’s not about you. But it starts with you.
Coach Theo

*please excuse any edits as I typed this fast, on short notice, with not enough time to go back through.