If a big idea hits me, I usually act on it quickly. I know that if I don’t, in a few weeks it will fade either because another big idea will come, or because the nature of our busy schedule will take over.

For example, we are videotaping our first follow along workout in a few days. The idea just came to me last week. Within a week I connected with my friend and tech partner, my FMU Fit business partner, and eight athletes from the gym and got them all scheduled and ready to go.

I’ve learned many times in my life just to Be Ready, Even If You’re Not. Be Ready, Even If The Opportunities Aren’t There Yet. Be Ready, Because One Day They Will Be.

Truth be told, we’ve been talking about doing this for over three years now. We already had a plan to do a follow along workout a long time ago. It just so happens that I created a workout last week that really sparked me to say, “Ok, this is the one we need to capture. Let’s do this already.”

Just because the opportunity isn’t there yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ready for it. Sometimes it will come quickly! Don’t you want to be on your toes and ready to go for when it does?

Often when a vision comes to you and you decide to act on it, there will be an interim period, or down time, where nothing is really happening. You hit a stand still. You developed the blueprint, you came up with a marketing plan, you told people about it, but now what? You’re ready to step out, but how? Should you really do this? Is this what God wants for your life? Maybe you don’t have the space. Maybe you have the concept but not the clients. Or maybe you have the design but not the funds.

You may have steps one through three complete but now you’re waiting for step four. Where is it?

Or maybe you barely got step one done and you’re already frustrated because you want to accelerate to step ten! Hold up, stay focused on the bigger picture. God has plans.

In the meantime, there is always something you can be doing. You can do your homework. You can research. You can find someone else in the industry and follow what they are doing. You can meet with someone and pick their brain. You can and most certainly should keep praying about it. And you need to at least dabble in and try some things. Fail faster like we always tell our athletes at the gym.

Reaching your vision doesn’t happen overnight. When a big idea hits you, you can’t always act on it in a week and get the cameras rolling and athletes working out on the set. Most of the time, it will take some prep work and it will happen on God’s time. But even if the opportunities aren’t there yet, be ready for when they are.

Let’s look at something God says in the bible that relates to this.

Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

This is a very popular scripture with a powerful punch. The verse is deeper than we think though. Jeremiah was going through a difficult time trying to serve his people, the Jews, and the Lord. God was prepping him because he was about to put Jeremiah through an even longer time of difficulty—about seventy years before he would free the Jews from exile back to their promised land, Israel. God was saying, look Jeremiah, the work you’re about to do for me will stink right now. But trust me, some day it will have a major impact on all the people you serve.  I know these aren’t the ideal plans for you right now. But stay focused on the bigger picture! Just be ready. I have plans. God was instilling in him hope for the future. Isn’t it something we all need to be reminded of daily?

Regardless of the back story, let’s focus on that first part, For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord.

God has plans.

We all know this. Most of the time, we don’t know what those plans are. It can be confusing, scary, and stress us out.

I’m sure there were many times Jeremiah asked, really God, how much longer?

I’m sure there were many times he cried as he waited. (Actually he did. He was known as the weeping prophet).

I’m sure he had a hard time finding contentment in his current situation.

As you strive to make your vision become a reality, you may do the same.

God doesn’t tell Jeremiah it will be easy. He doesn’t assure us that either.

He just assures us to be ready, even if we’re not, because He has plans.

I’m wondering what your prayers look like. Do you ask God to make things happen? Or do you ask him for the opportunities to make things happen? And are you ready for when He places the call on your heart and gives you the opportunity to make things happen?

“One of the exciting things about being a believer is watching God unveil his plan for our lives. On one hand we have no idea what he desires to do through us. At the same time we are called to make ourselves available. Envisioning the future and planning for it are parts of the availability process.” (Andy Stanley, Visioneering)

God is going to do His part. In the meantime, you need to do yours. This way, when He tells you it’s time to get that video shoot done, you’ll be ready to rise to the occasion, recruit your friends and video crew, and make it happen in a matter of days.  You’ll still give him all the credit. But imagine the confidence and contentment you’ll feel when you know that you at least did your part.

And guess what? Be ready. Because you’ll need to do it again.