If you don’t have time to read the preface, skip below to the T.B.O.D. (truth bomb of the day). I’m going to tell you how to identify your gut issues and why it’s so important to get the results you want in fitness and in life.

But first…


Besides faith, fitness & nutrition are my life’s work.

Quite honestly, I’m obsessed with researching, reading, studying, personally practicing and testing things out.

After years of evolving and learning new things on the daily, I always ask myself: “Why didn’t someone tell me this before?!”

I never want you to say that I didn’t tell you something. I do feel that as a leader of this organization it’s my obligation to pass on info to you as it comes to me.

I know it’s overwhelming. Many of you have mentioned to me, “I’m not there yet Theo and I’m not sure I will ever be.”

I can assure you I used to say the same things when I was eating fast food three times a day and drinking six cans of Dr Pepper every day.

Another main takeaway from me from the Wolf Pack Challenge was that people need more help with nutrition. There’s too much misleading information out there and you don’t know what to believe.

I’m going to flow n go and share as I feel led. You don’t have to listen to me. Be open minded. Patient. Take what you want and see if it applies to your life. If it does great. If it doesn’t, just don’t knock anything unless you gave it your all out effort and tried it yourself.

Every BODY is different. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. That’s why I hope to share more stories than anything and things can spark ideas and truth bombs for what’s happening in your own life.

Speaking of Truth, truth is truth. Like the Bible, sometimes truth sux to hear. It’s frustrating. Change is hard. But your response to it is everything. Only you can make the choice about what you do with the knowledge you learn. Some aspects of nutrition, although rare, are absolute truths. And even though it’s hard to swallow, it’s truth, whether or not you agree with it.

Don’t get mad at yourself. Don’t get mad if someone is strict and at Level 4 and you’re only at level 2. No one is acting like they’re better than you. You are loved just the same. I have friends who eat cheeseburgers and French fries all the time and they own it. I still love the heck out of them. But if they told me they cared about their health, I would probably be honest and say, “ummmmmm, then you might have to change some habits if that’s true.”

Today’s TRUTH BOMB OF THE DAY that I’m going to share with you is that EVERYTHING STARTS IN YOUR GUT.

Identifying what’s going on inside your gut is paramount to nail down your health and nutrition.

A lot of medical experts are now saying your gut is not your second brain, it’s actually your first brain. Did you know your brain can’t function without your gut but if your brain was dead or damaged, your gut can still function without your brain?

“The Enteric Nervous System (ENS) has all sorts of neurotransmitters zipping around, sending chemical signals from one part of the gut to another. (In fact, the same neurotransmitters as are found in the brains in our skulls.) It’s not conscious like our main brain is, but without it, we couldn’t survive. However, the ENS will still function even if we are otherwise brain dead or damaged.”

Did you know that stress, anxiety, and even a lot of mental illnesses are now being linked directly to your gut?

“90 percent of the serotonin our body makes (often called the “happy chemical”) is produced in special cells in the GI tract. Half of the dopamine we make is located there, too. Both serotonin and dopamine have a physiological function and also influence mood when they make their way out of the gut and into the blood stream.”

Did you that over 80% of human beings have some sort of gut issue which is directly linked to weight gain, fatigue, allergies, joint pain, auto-immune disorders, and other common illnesses?

Did you know that aging doesn’t mean you have to have all these health issues?

Yes, it’s true that issues happen when you get older. But a lot of our issues happen after years of constantly destroying our guts. We could handle it when we were younger because our bodies are intricate machines and have a lot of strong biological processes that helped fight off the damage. But eventually we destroyed our gut lining, intestinal tract, and digestive system so much that they couldn’t take it anymore. Our good microbiome and other healthy stomach bacteria lost the fight to all the bad guys.

But the good news is you can heal your gut and a lot of your health issues in months, sometimes weeks, and even see immediate changes in sometimes only days.
Amber has a crazy , life-changing story. She’s shared it with some of you. Our hope is to share it with everyone soon. I finally pinpointed a lot of my gut issues too. I’ll share those soon also.

For today, I just want to share with you the first steps of HOW WE IDENTIFIED OUR GUT ISSUES AND HOW YOU CAN TOO.

Here are Two Tests We Took To Identify Our Gut Issues:

1. Intolerance/Sensitivity/Allergy test from testyourintolerance.com.
This was a major eye opener. Is it the most accurate, end-all-be-all? No. And I’m not saying any of these testing kits on the market are. But can they validate a lot of gut instincts (pun intended) you’re already having about certain foods? Yes. For example, if you get bloated, or distended, or extremely fatigued after you eat a certain food, and then it just happens to also pop up on your allergy or intolerant list, well BAM. Now you know. Your gut was right. It doesn’t like that food and it’s causing you intestinal distress when you eat it. Eliminate it and see what happens. I also found out I was deficient in vitamin B which was a great discovery for my energy levels.

2. Nutritional Microscopy.
We did this test with the Drugless Doctors in Westlake. Again I always theorized what was wrong with my gut, but for some reason I needed proof. For some reason the proof did something to my mind and I was able to make cold-turkey changes without hesitation. This blood test (a prick of the finger) allows you to see what’s happening in your blood stream under a microscope. You can identify yeast issues, parasite issues, leaky gut issues, dehydration issues, and more. When you actually see the parasites in your blood, again, it will do something to your mind and you will make changes immediately. Yuck!

I always tell people, when you understand the why behind what’s happening, it will have a much bigger impact on changing your frame of mind so you can then change your actions.

There’s a big disconnect between how we view the food we eat and what if does to our body at the molecular level. We don’t think about it. For most of us, we just eat to eat. It’s mindless. Or we just don’t know. We assume it’s healthy because marketing says so. Food is food for the majority of us. But the reality is food is either fuel, or it’s poison. Finding the fuel and eliminating or greatly reducing the poison is paramount to optimal vitality.

Let me say this, the process isn’t over. It takes time to keep testing and retesting. But Amber and I have made a lot of progress so far from our findings and It’s been life changing.

There are things I do now that I never thought I would be able to do. I gave up certain foods that I was addicted to. I don’t eat at certain times like I used to. I eat new foods that I used to avoid. But the results are so good that I could never go back.

We’ll be back with our stories. We’ll share exactly what we found and what we decided to do about it.

For now, just let this info simmer on your brain. If you decide to act on it, then let us know. We’re here to help.

You don’t have to do anything. It’s only available if you want to.

And never take my word for it. Try it for yourself today. And it may just be an absolute game changer for you and everything in your gut!

Coach Theo

*I wrote this on my phone without editing. Excuse any mistakes.