You can’t rationalize with fear nor reason with panic. But God commands us to speak the truth anyways.

90% of our energy comes from oxygen

Breathing uses chemical and mechanical processes to bring oxygen to every cell of the body and to get rid of carbon dioxide. Our body needs oxygen to obtain energy to fuel all our living processes. (Airofit, Denmark)

At the most basic health level we know how important oxygen is for the human body, immunity, and optimal functioning.

Reducing the flow of this life force makes you weaker, vulnerable, and can lead to a lot of complications-some extremely serious with long-term consequences.

“It takes a proper intake of oxygen to keep body cells and organs, and the entire immune system, functioning at full efficiency.” (Super Life, pg 92)

Restricting oxygen in any capacity and for any length of time can have negative effects.

“All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell level.” (Dr. Guyton, Textbook of medical physiology)

“Oxygenated tissues support our immune system’s efforts to keep us free of cancer and diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.” (SL, pg 90)

A lack of oxygen in the body can contribute to the following, plus more:

Poor digestion

Poor circulation

Weight gain


Sleep disorders


Memory loss

Suppression of the immune system

Restricting oxygen outside is very unhealthy.

“We breathe oxygen into our lungs, where it enters the bloodstream-healthy plasma is at least 90% oxygen. It is taken up by the hemoglobin molecules and transported into cells everywhere. There, a protein combines the oxygen with other elements and turns it into water. The energy released in that transfer is what our cells use to fuel all their-our-functions.” (Super Life, pg 87)

“The biggest concern is that low-oxygen deprivation can go unnoticed and, over time, cause chronic degeneration of the body and its various systems. There is a clear link between low oxygen levels in the brain and Alzheimer’s disease.”

“Oxygen poor cells lose some of their messaging capacity, which lessens their ability to adapt to changes in our internal environment and combat toxins we ingest.”

Kids, especially, need oxygen and should not restrict it.

“Children and adolescents have an extremely active and adaptive immune system and they need a constant interaction with the microbiome of the Earth. Their brain is also incredibly active, as it is has so much to learn. The child’s brain, or the youth’s brain is thirsting for oxygen. The more metabolically active the organ is, the more oxygen it requires. In children and adolescents every organ is metabolically active.

Oxygen deficiency inhibits the development of the brain, and the damage that has taken place as a result CANNOT be reversed.

The child needs the brain to learn, and the brain needs oxygen to function. We don’t need a clinical study for that. This is simple, indisputable physiology. Conscious and purposely induced oxygen deficiency is an absolutely deliberate health hazard, and an absolute medical contraindication.”

How to Maximize our Oxygenation:

✅ Get outside and breathe in fresh air whenever you can.

✅ Avoid covering your nose and mouth and restricting air flow as much as possible.

✅ Detox (infrared sauna) to increase your cellular respiration capacity.

✅ Exercise to increase oxygen flow and blood circulation.

✅ Drink plenty of water.

✅ Eat oxygen-rich foods (basically fruits and veggies and foods that grow from God’s earth)

✅ Practice slow breathing techniques.

As always, it’s not about us…

But it starts with us.

You have to follow your convictions and the decisions you make about your health are between you and God. No one else has the right to judge.

Coach Theo


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2️⃣ Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD Neurologist and Neurophysiologist with a PhD in Pharmacology