40 completely random thoughts on my 40th birthday

Disclaimer: highly offensive material for people who are easily offended by others’ opinions. I’m an instigator by nature but I do it out of love and humor. Imagine me smiling right now as I write this. And trust me, I’m the first one to say my opinion doesn’t matta!

*These are completely random. No order. No editing. Excuse any typos or grammar mistakes. I wrote this on my iphone.

  1. I definitely do not feel 40. I definitely cannot believe I have a 12 yr old and two other kids. Did God really trust me to be a father? I still feel like a kid myself!
  2. You could get out of shape as you get older, but you don’t have to. You could also get in the best shape of your life. You just gotta stop thinking you can still get away with what you did when you were 19!
  3. College kids and other young people who don’t have a job, family, and self-sustaining independence should not be giving advice on how to run this country.
  4. I gotta grow my own food.
  5. I gotta learn how to shoot better.
  6. One of the reasons Christianity is falling apart is because the church is sharing a water-downed gospel. Cheap Grace. Saying all you have to do is ‘believe’ and not challenging people to also CHANGE.
  7. When you truly love people you don’t let them continue to live in their sin. And we shouldn’t want people to let us do it either.
  8. Popping meds, 75% obese or overweight, 1 in 2 with a chronic illness, this country has no idea what true health is.
  9. Public health is failing…and they expect us to trust their advice?!
  10. When people silence another’s opinion, no matter how outrageous that opinion seems, we should probably listen to that other opinion.
  11. When people claim they believe in science, but then advocate for endless genders…
  12. If a Christian advocates for shedding innocent blood of the unborn, I’m confused as to what Bible they are reading.
  13. A lot of people have gut issues that are holding them back. Until they address their gut health, they can try everything, and it will feel like their body is fighting against them.
  14. Sleep. Why don’t people sleep? 7.5 hours. Doesn’t matter what we think we need. Talk about science. All agree this is standard…and it’s how God designed us.
  15. Yes, I shelter my kids. They need taught and trained with a solid foundation before they are completely thrown into the wolves. How many adults do you know who are scarred for life, battling emotional trauma and demons from negative childhood experiences? The mind is not ready to handle certain things and the subconscious is extremely hard to re-condition.
  16. I send my kids to a Christian school not because I expect them to be perfect and not make mistakes. But because the way the teachers, families, and culture of the school handles issues, conflict, and drama is totally different and healthier than traditional schooling. God first. Prayer. Addressing the heart. Teaching biblical principles and instruction on how to respond, react, and engage.
  17. I don’t think you can look like you did on your wedding day. I KNOW you can.
  18. Yes, giving people free handouts without making them do anything to earn them teaches them many valuable lessons in life…said no one who has ever succeeded at anything in life.
  19. I don’t care who you voted for. I don’t judge you. We used to laugh about these differences and move on. Now people completely disassociate, cut ties, and hate?! And they’re usually from the same ‘side’ who preaches love wins all and unity.
  20. True unity doesn’t happen without God. Even the church struggles with unity.
  21. Engage in tough conversations and stop trying to be right. Instead, ask questions and let others prove why they’re right. Watch the circles and confusion that occur. We call it: self-discovery.
  22. We don’t change people. Try to invite and share. But don’t care so much. God converts, not us.
  23. I used to be liberal. I used to be unhealthy. I used to be anti-God. The reason why a lot of us are the way we are today is because we used to be the other way. And that’s why our passion drives us to tell everyone what we used to not know!
  24. Life is not about being happy. Nowhere in the Bible does God say he wants us to long for happiness. The commission is clear: deny yourself, drop everything, and follow him. The irony is that when we do that, then we’ll be happy.
  25. After seeing that everything is done now, all of the negative effects of the jab, and that quadruple jabbed people still got sick, I thought about getting the jab now. No wait. I never thought that.
  26. All roads don’t lead to heaven. I wish they did. But there can’t be multiple ways. It’s too subjective and people can make up any belief they want to get there. Thankfully the Bible and Jesus make it clear, there’s only one way. Through Him.
  27. Christian mothers standing up for abortion might be one of the most concerning issues of our day.
  28. I used to think the Holocaust could never happen again. Then I watched what happened over the last two years and realized people will do whatever authority tells them to.
  29. In times of struggle people will show their true colors. It becomes survival of the fittest and many will only care about themselves. You might have a lot of connections. You might have many acquaintances. But through tough times you really realize you only have a handful of people who you can trust and rely on no matter what.
  30. Oh that’s why! Now I get why there always seemed to be a personality conflict. After seeing one’s political viewpoints it all makes sense.
  31. No matter how long you try to prolong it people are eventually going to discover who you are and what you stand for. Why wait? Be authentic now and weed out the fakes and cultivate the relationships that matter. Most important, we need to Fear God’s opinion about us over everyone else’s.
  32. All kids should NOT go to college. In fact, I’m questioning how many actually should.
  33. Extreme busyness is breaking apart the family unit. For two years people raved about an empty schedule allowing them to enjoy much needed family time. As soon as everything went back to ‘normal,’ so did they.
  34. Want to know what’s crazy? You know who someone voted for when you see them driving a car by themselves with a mask on.
  35. Humans are sinful. Until we recognize our heart issues, change doesn’t happen. Fatherless homes destroy our culture. Until men start leading biblically again, change doesn’t happen.
  36. I don’t know how to explain it but being immersed in the Word of God actually multiplies time.
  37. If we want our kids to have a strong marriage later in life we have to model what that looks like. If we want them to have a strong relationship with God later in life we have to model that too.
  38. Loving people without truth is not love.
  39. The same people who say sending our kids to a private school is sheltering them are usually the same people who still teach their nine year olds that a man in a big red suit comes down a chimney to bring them presents for Christmas.
  40. Many Christians are like Buddy the Elf going up the escalator. They say they want the Christian life but they refuse to take that one foot out of the world.
  41. My wife is the strength & support behind everything I do. If it wasn’t for her there’d be no gym. No church. No farm. No Coach Theo. I’d probably still be smashing Budweisers over my head whining about a meaningless life. Instead, with her I have the most fulfilled and purposeful life chasing after no wind at all. Just present and enjoying every single day as if it were our last. First Lady, most don’t see the behind the scenes of all that you do. I notice and God notices. And a lot of lives are being impacted because of it!
  42. What mid-life crisis? I’m not even near halfway there yet.