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Prophecy & Tongues in Church [1 Cor 14 Sermon Notes]

AUDIO RECORDING: There's a way to practice gifts lesson 5 | THE FMU FAITH FITNESS FARM ( If Jesus has more for you, don’t you want it? Where others avoid certain topics, we press in. Today, let’s talk-through modern-day prophecy... Continue Reading →

How do you know if it’s God’s voice?

PROPHECY OR CRAZY? Has someone ever told you something and you go, “Wow, that’s exactly what I needed to hear! I’ve literally been praying about that. That’s such confirmation.” Therefore, you act on it. Wonder if it’s not as clear.... Continue Reading →

What does baptized in the spirit mean?

What does it mean to be baptized in the spirit? Does it mean you’ll speak in tongues? Why do people sometimes imply this?Do u have any idea what I’m talking about?Get your mind right. Let's rap about this often-controversial Christian... Continue Reading →

Understanding Spiritual Gifts Training [notes & podcasts]

Lesson 1: Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Spiritual Gifts Lesson 1 Sermon Recap PODCAST Lesson 2: How do you know if it's the Holy Spirit Lesson 2 Sermon Recap PODCAST Lesson 3: Spiritual Gift Descriptions... Continue Reading →

Men’s Clean & Lean Pre-Workout Concoction

It’s really hard to find a clean pre-workout. We’re trying to avoid all fillers, dyes, chemicals, sweeteners, artificial flavors, etc. Over the years I’ve had to put together my own. I only want to put in what’s natural and God-created.... Continue Reading →



FMU Running Club Workouts

Day 1: Tuesday June 28th (at FMU) Short Sprint intervals. Cone to cone. 30 minutes on the clock. 2-3 miles depending on level. ex. walk/jog; or job/run; or jog/sprint. Day 2: Thursday June 30th or Friday July 1 (on your... Continue Reading →

FMU Church Sunday June 12: Apostles Face Prison & Beatings Yet Rejoice

I didn't get to show this first video but it's a great summary of what's happening to Christians around the world. This is a story of John Chau, a missionary who went all-in for Christ, only to die within... Continue Reading →

First Step To Changing Nutrition: Just Admit It

Note: I wrote this on my iphone and did not edit. Please ignore any typos and grammar mistakes. Often, what we see as a common hindrance halting people from changing poor nutrition habits is that they struggle to just admit... Continue Reading →

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