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Where to get equipment for your home gym

What dumbbells should you use for our workouts? Our average male in the gym uses 20-25lbs for challenging and 10-12 lbs for light. Advanced use 30lbs for challenging and 12-15lbs for light. Average female in the gym uses 12’s for challenging and 5-8’s for light. Advanced use 15-20lbs for challenging and 8-10’s for light. Obviously this will vary depending on your fitness level and strength level. You’ll regularly hear me talk about the 5lb Difference and why it matters when it comes to amplifying your results!


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Training Note: Take a rest day in between every workout. We only workout 3 days per week. For example, MWF or TTHSat. We do 12 workouts per month.

3 Days Per Week

We hit three workouts per week at 60 minutes each. We spend 5-7 minutes warming up and activating the body. The hardcore part of the workout is about 45-50 minutes. Then we cool down.

Total Body Athletic Workouts

Each workout we hit every muscle group from head to toe! We move the body every way we can to utilize multiple muscle groups, a variety of muscle fibers, each energy system, and to challenge our coordination and provide a neurological stimulus. We eliminate risky exercises to avoid injury and keep our body feeling great. You can get in the best shape of your life without killing yourself!

High Repetition Definition

We found the secret formula: medium challenging weights for high rep routines. Non-stop resistance training and conditioning movements. Strength-Aerobic workouts that build muscular endurance, redefine your athletic build and body composition, and keep you in the optimal fat-burning zone during the entire session.

Off-Day Training

When we aren’t hitting it hard in the gym we are hitting it hard in the kitchen! On off-days we focus on great, quality nutrition. For physical movement we focus on active recovery like a light jog, long walk, or core and stretching. We also focus on next level longevity health methods like our favorite Infrared Sauna Therapy.

Exclusive in-person training

Are you local and want to train with us at the gym?

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