Infection & Deaths Increase Following Jab

*This amazing ammo is from RFK’s amazing book “The Real Anthony Fauci”* Wait until you see US at end.

[Adapted from Pages 80-90]


*Most jabbed nation. 115% coverage. After jab blitz, infections increased fivefold. Deaths increased nineteen-fold.


Jab coverage of nearly 84% of population. By July 2021, epidemic and fatalities surged. Authorities admit “jabs cannot shield population from virus.”


80% coverage with one jab. 75% with two. By mid-July daily infections had risen from about 10 to about 120. Iceland’s chief epidemiologist convinced of the impossibility of achieving herd immunity through jabs. He publicly declared, “it’s a myth.”


75% coverage with one jab. 65% with two. By end of June 2021, daily infections had risen from less than 500 to nearly 2,000. Belgian health officials acknowledged that current jabs cannot stop virus, nor protect Belgian citizens.


By July 2021, 70% with one, 59% with both. 60,000 new cases per day. Britain’s leading vaccinologist acknowledges before parliament: collective immunity through jabs is a myth. Britain also shows negative jab effectiveness for over 40 group. Reported infections are highest in double jabbed. This means fully jabbed people from this age group experienced 53% higher reported infection rate than the unjabbed (Aug 2020).


Pioneer of draconian Mass mandates. In July, had national record of 11,000 new cases per day. On Aug 1, 2021, director of public health services Dr Alroy-Preis announced half of all cases were among fully jabbed.



Immediate spike in deaths, suffering 2,853 fatalities per million, a European per capital mortality record. During first few days of rollout, 84 people died shortly after jab.


60% of virus deaths were double jabbed.


Jabbed individuals accounted for 87% off all new hospitalizations .


Data for Oct 2021 showed 87% of those who died in third wave were jabbed.


Dr. Haviv reported on Channel 13 news that 95% of severely ill virus patients are fully jabbed.


*Most jabbed state in US. 86% fully jabbed. More than 3/4’s of September’s deaths occurred in fully jabbed.

Cape Cod

Investigation of outbreak in Barnstable County between July 6-July 25, found 80% of hospitalizations were among fully jabbed.


American docs and bereaved families have reported to VAERS more than 16,000 deaths following the jab. However, due to chronic undercounting, those numbers are only a fraction.

A recent peer reviewed study in high-gravitas Elsevior journal Toxicology Reports found that these jabs kill more people in each age group than they save.

Sept analysis by team of prominent scientists and mathematicians convened by Steve Kirsch, attributes 150,000 deaths to these jabs in U.S. since Jan 2020. Kirsch has offered $1 million reward for anyone who can find an error in his calculation.