These questions go along with this podcast 👇🏼

I’m going to give you more than 7 questions here in text format. I only reviewed a few on the recording. Just to get your gears turning.

J_abbed Questions (specifically for kids)

◦ Why do you think a child should get the experimental shot?

◦ Are children being affected by the virus? (According to the flu is still more threatening for a child)

◦ In general, what are their symptoms from virus? Why would we be scared of that? Most kids get over it in a day.

◦ You’re putting your faith into a shot with no long term studies. How do you trust it’s effective?

◦ What do you know about the vaccine only protecting against a certain spike protein? It does not protect against mutations (new variants). And new variants are happening every few months.

◦ Don’t you think the vaccine is correlated with the new variant?

Are kids spreading it? (No)

Does the shot stop infection? (No)

◦ Does it stop spread? (No)

◦ Do you know what’s in the shot?

◦ If someone gets a shot and they’re protected (mitigates their symptoms) how would my unvaxxed child be a threat?

◦ My child already has natural immunity bc they already had the virus, why would we be concerned about putting synthetic material in their body?

◦ Where are you getting your stats?

✓ Have your read the side effects and deaths from VAERS?

◦ Did you know that medical researchers state that only 10% of all vaccine adverse reactions and deaths are actually reported? (Many people don’t know to report or don’t make the correlation to report or don’t want to waste the time during grief to report)

◦ Have you personally seen any spread or risky infections in this area among kids?

◦ Did you know that over 60% of all new cases are among the jabbed? (

Dr. Ardis Resources (protocols and detox from jab)

16,000 Docs and Scientists say NO to Jab (Children’s Health Defense)

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