Alright, we get it! At home, it’s not the same. Either you don’t want to or don’t have a lot of time to squeeze in your workout. We’re going to speed it up a bit this round, go non-stop for 36 minutes, and get you everything you need to incinerate fat, burn calories, and build lean muscle. The hybrid circuits for this REMIX series will be torchers. Quick warm-ups. Right into the sets. No breaks until we are done! Let’s GOOOOOOO!

Foam roll and extensive warmup video

Training Reminder: We take a REST DAY in between every workout. We only workout 3x per week with these routines. For example: MWF or TTHSat.

36 Min Remix Chest Back Focus

Get your mind right. :30 second supersets, 5 rds each. Just enough work to rest ratio to keep you going. Plenty of volume by time we are done! Chest-back focus but as always, you’ll feel your arms, legs, and heart pounding! Challenging weights with some slightly lighter weights next to you. For me, 40lbs and 30lbs.

36 Min Remix Shoulders Arms & Leg Day 1 Min Supersets

You’ll need lighter weights for today’s workout. We’re hitting delicate shoulder areas. Grab some challenging weights for the bicep curls. Legs will be static holds and some plyometrics!

36 Min Remix Straight Sets

You won’t need super challenging for this one. Grab a few sets of weights if you have them. Fast-paced :30 second straight sets are gonna light us up!

36 Min Remix Drop Sets

Now THIS! We are about to get it done in just 36 minutes of circuit work. Long endurance sets today. After :50 seconds of work on a body part, we immediately drop to another :30 second exercise on same body part. 6 big moves, 4th round effect. Grab some challenging weights, a lighter pair for back fly’s, and if you don’t have a pull-up bar or strap system, get your band ready.

36 Min Remix Shoulders Arms Cardio Lighter Weight Day

Nothing heavy for today. Just grab some lighter weights for shoulders and medium weights for arms (12’s and 20’s for me are enough). We’re hitting fast :30 supersets with some really cool non-traditional arm exercises! Feel the pump and burn in this one.

50 Min Sweat Factory Big-Chest-Back-Leg Workout

We went longer today! Needed you to get this routine in. Wanted to add the 24’s finisher too. Grab three separate weights if you have them; 1 light one for back fly’s, 1 heavier one for single arm rows, 2 medium for the Diesel bench presses!