Ready to take on this 30 min upper body push-up & pull-up special? This is a great upper body blast when you’re short on time and/or just want to mix things up! We’re hitting push-ups for :35 seconds. Rest for :24 seconds. Then pull-ups for :35 seconds. And we’re hitting 15 sets EACH!

Make sure to warm-up first. We already warmed up and go right into the workout on this one! *For pull-ups you can use suspension trainers, bands for assisted pull-ups, or for advanced go straight to the bar!

Goals to Aim For (total by end of workout):

Level 1: 100 push-ups; 50 pull-ups

Level 2: 140 push-ups; 75 pull-ups

Level 3: 175 push-ups; 100 pullp-ups

Level 4+: 200+ push-ups; 140+ pull-ups